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Sharing is nothing new in itself, not even in tourism: private room rental, study trips, neo-hostelling, car sharing, ski rental or bike rental are already part of the sharing economy. What is new is the greater reach through the Internet or social media and the type of sharing. Here are a few examples:

  • Travelers sell their greatest experiences in a so-called travel box.
  • Private individuals rent out rooms in their apartments and share interests and lives with their guests.
  • Guests are driven around in private cars and receive valuable information and tips from local drivers. Payment is made through a donation.
  • This is where locals offer tours and provide insider knowledge that you would never get that way.
  • Rent your own yacht and finance the maintenance costs.
  • Private cars are rented through this portal.
  • Hotel concept for shared multi-bed rooms.
  • Bed occupancy: With sharing, free resources can be used better. No hotel in the world has as many beds as airbnb.
  • Synergies: If we combine established tourism and sharing, we encourage untapped potential.
  • Human added value: The value lies in sharing and a customer is worth something even if he does not buy anything.
  • innovation: Sharing changes the rules of the game in business. Tourism is an area that is innovative enough for this.
  • adventures: People want to get to know the real thing about the destination. Therefore, we are not only allowed to sell beds, but also have to convey experiences, which works very well with sharing.
  • Bundle sharing: In order to make the offer clearer, sharing offers would have to be combined. This way we can reach the sharing customers better.
Area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension and outlook
Sharing is based on trust, which is calming and is somehow also a human longing. airbnb provides a wonderful holiday experience through trust and authentic hospitality. To be on the safe side, there are well thought-out evaluation procedures for online bookings that protect consumers from disappointment. There are also insurance companies that protect accommodation and property. What everyone knows, but nobody says: Tyrol has been known for its hospitality and close contact with its guests for 150 years. That is why they are drawn to us and not to Switzerland or France. Our private room landlords are a good example of trust and close contact. We have actually been living a sharing economy for 150 years - only we haven't called it that and marketed it. Whether we want it or not: With the change in social values, sharing is emerging and consumer behavior is changing with it. As an innovative tourist country, we will use this as an opportunity. Sharing will only complement established tourism, but not replace it. We only have to adapt product development and sales. In addition, sharing has been part of Tyrolean tourism culture for 150 years. It used to be said of hospitality.