How to Overcome Cannabis Addiction

How do I recognize a cannabis addiction?

Some believe that cannabis cannot become an addict, but that is wrong. Because an intense psychological dependence can arise.

Dependent cannabis use means a severe reduction in quality of life, even if many stoners do not want to admit it. Unlike other drugs, the effects of cannabis addiction are less noticeable, more hidden, and more ambiguous. For example, some habit smokers are very unsure whether their difficulties in contact with others (insecurity, shyness) or depressed moods actually have something to do with smoking weed. Because maybe there were some difficulties even at times when smoking weed didn't play a major role.

The dependence on cannabis often develops because those affected are increasingly tempted to ignore difficult everyday situations and the associated unpleasant feelings or thoughts by smoking weed. And the longer cannabis is used in everyday life, the less people can imagine that they can live well without smoking weed.

If physical withdrawal symptoms occur when trying to smoke less or not at all, then these are signs of physical dependence. The physical symptoms are much milder than those of opiate or alcohol addicts, for example.

If you want to know how your cannabis use is doing, do the cannabis check.