What is your favorite fitness wearable

The best gift ideas for technology-loving athletes

Apart from the fact that putting up a Christmas tree and struggling with knotted fairy lights can develop into a real workout very quickly, it is usually difficult to stick to your fitness goals over the holidays. There are a lot and delicious to eat and we lie prefer to be comfortable on the sofa around than to exercise. But that doesn't mean you should lose sight of your goals completely over the holidays.

After the holidays, you (and your family) can get motivated again. This works even better with the right (technical) support. We present some great gift ideas that motivate, improve performance or improve the general quality of life - and which every fitness enthusiast will definitely be happy about.


The best gift ideas

Fitbit Versa

With its clear screen, elegant design and an impressive number of fitness-related functions, the Fitbit Versa is one of the best smartwatches on the market. It not only connects to your mobile phone and receives messages and reports calls, but also provides you with over 15 exercises, measures your heart rate and sleep rhythm and also includes all the other stat-tracking functions that we from the company that makes this portable Technology miracle launched in 2013, already know.

Apple Watch Series 4

For everyone who owns an iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 4 is an attractive and effective fitness tracker. It also has some exclusive functions that are only available from Apple Health. Series 4 differs from its predecessor Series 3 in that it has longer battery life, a swim tracking function and a special system that notifies you of your heart rate.

Nokia Body +

Getting on the scales has become a lot more interesting thanks to the Nokia Body +. These highly sensitive scales measure your weight, BMI, total body fat and water content, as well as bone and muscle mass. In case you're wondering where all this workout is going, Nokia Body + will tell you. She also takes care not to get you wet while jogging. As the? It even shows the weather forecast ...

Samsung IconX Wireless Headset

Nothing motivates you when you run like good music. Imagine if your earplugs not only played your favorite songs, but could also register your workout and measure calories burned at the same time. The Samsung IconX make it possible. And you don't even have to take out your cell phone for that; this intelligent headset can be operated by simply swiping and tapping. And of course it is also wireless, so that nothing stands in the way of your workout in the truest sense of the word.