Dumbledore was the worst headmaster at Hogwarts

Is Dumbledore's part to blame for how Tom Riddle turned out? [closed]

I think it's hard to say that Dumbledore was responsible for Tom's upbringing. Yes, he could have done more to lead him on a better path, but possibly countless others as well.

While Dumbledore may have been one of the few teachers / adults to have seen Tom's dark side, Slughorn definitely got at least a clue about it when Tom was incredibly manipulative to get information about Horcruxes from him. I don't see him as more or less to blame.

I think what's more telling is that Dumbledore himself that Feels partially to blame. Whenever he talks about Voldemort's childhood, he always refers to him as "Tom" or "Enigma". Obviously, he remembers him as a relatively normal kid rather than the monster he became.

Especially after the exams with his sister and brother and Grindelwald, he may have been particularly sensitive to thinking back and thinking about how he could have done things differently. He had a lot of regrets for many things and it seems pretty clear that Tom Riddle was one of them.

It's also possible that he felt he could have done more to keep Harry's parents from being killed. While it was far from his fault, given his sensitivity, it is likely that he would have taken some of the blame on himself.

The fact that Dumbledore tried so hard to correct these things that he did something wrong shows that he feels remorse for them. He did a lot to stop Voldemort on his return by jeopardizing his own reputation to support Harry's accusations that he was back and eventually lost his life for doing so.

Overall, I think he went to so much trouble to prove that he didn't go wrong with Tom. Harry grew up in an incredibly abusive environment and could easily have gone a darker path. He almost got involved in Slytherin. Imagine if he had been friends with Malfoy, the two would have been an unstoppable pair of potentially dark wizards.

Dumbledore tried first not to have any direct influence on Harry. He used Hagrid and McGonagall to try to point Harry in the right direction early on, without intervening personally, to prove that he could get good, just as easily as Tom would turn out bad if he wasn't right in Harry's early Education interfered. That would warn him of any guilt he felt for it was the person, not the upbringing, that would ultimately have decided their fate.

TL; DR: While it's nearly impossible to tell if Tom would inevitably get angry, Dumbledore did everything possible to prove that Harry could get good under similar circumstances.This is so that any responsibility he felt for the rise of Voldemort could be lessened by Harry, who turned out to be good and ultimately led to his downfall.


Neither Harry nor Draco Malfoy were close to Voldemort's abilities. They are average students or (at best) slightly above average. A corrupt Harry could be as bad as Umbridge if he had the appropriate position in the Ministry. Voldemort is a male threat because of his magical power.