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USA SIM card

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This product is now obsolete. Click here to purchase our new USA SIM

Travel the USA without limits! Stay connected like a local with this prepaid USA SIM card with its own USA number and unlimited domestic calls, SMS and data.

Call over 80 countries internationally for only 19c per minute and 9c per SMS. Every plan has international credit included and you can top up more at any time.

LTE data speed is available with all plans. Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans offer unlimited data usage.

Don't worry, no bill shock with these prepaid plans. Supersize-expand your plan at any time and top up more international credit or LTE data volume.

USA SIM card functions:

  • Allnet flat plans for unlimited calls, SMS and data from $ 29
  • Make international calls: from 19c per minute
  • Send international SMS: 9c per SMS
  • expand your prepaid USA SIM service by purchasing a new plan
  • All-in-one standard, micro and nano SIM card suitable for all mobile devices
  • Calls to customer service and voicemail:free!

Our plans

Unlimited 2GB @ 4G LTE SPEED
Unlimited 1GB @ 4G LTE SPEED

International Talk & Text

Credit for International Talk and Text Service can be purchased at any time

Make calls (per min)send a SMS
19c *9c

* $ 0.19 to over 80 countries. A full list of tariffs is available here.


This service must be activated before it can be used. You need the serial number of the SIM (printed on the SIM card) and it can be activated in two ways:
  • Visit - Please note, You will need to enter the SIM serial number to activate. See Start Up (Activation) below for more information.
  • Call 154 when you arrive in the US.

You will receive your +1 telephone number during the activation process, set up an account PIN, add credit, buy data or call and SMS plans.

The balance on your USA SIM card will expire 30 days from the activation date. The All-net flat plans expire after 30 days from the date of purchase.

Network coverage

Use the map below to ensure your destinations have coverage with our 3G and 4G service. Our USA 4G SIM card works in the 48 United States and Hawaii.

Please note: The USA 4G SIM card is not intended for international roaming. It has no service in Alaska, Canada or Mexico

Coverage Map

Start (activation)

Your SIM card must be activated before you can use it. You need a mobile phone that is unlocked and does not contain a Simlock to use this service.

You can activate the service in two ways. You need the serial number of the SIM card, which is printed on the card. The number is 20 digits long.

  1. Visit online or
  2. 1. If you are in the United States, insert your SIM into your cellular device and call Customer Service on 154

In order to handle the process, it is also necessary to provide your email address, name and a pin of your choice with at least 4 digits.

At the end of the activation process you will receive your +1 number.

Account and credit management

How do you get access to your account?

  • Download the free JT Travel App
    Manage your SIM card account, add credit, stay up to date with world time zones, currencies and more


  • Visit online
    Enter your 1 USA phone number that you received upon activation and the PIN you selected.

Account functions

  • Buy credits and packages
    You can also top up via
    • 181 dial directly from your mobile phone
    • Many larger, well-known stores sell Top Up Vouchers, as do many independent stores in the United States. Find the sales points with the store locator.
  • Get credit balance, usage records and receipts


Switch on your mobile phone and as soon as it has registered on a network, it is ready for use. To make an international call, dial the plus sign +, then the country code (e.g. 49 for Germany, 44 for England, 61 for Australia, 55 for Brazil), then the area code (without the leading zero if there) and the telephone number . For a complete list of country codes, please click on Country Codes

Example 1: To call 03 9010-0225 in Australia, call +61 390 100 225

Example 2: To call 0207 943 2772 in England, dial +442079432772

Data settings

Data packets give you access to the Internet, instant messaging and email from your cellular device.

Switch on the device and as soon as it has registered on a network it should be ready for data. If you are unable to access a data service (internet, apps, etc.), please follow the instructions below for your device:

iPad & iPhone

  1. Select Settings> Mobile data (can also be under Networks, Mobile Functions or General Functions)
  2. Make sure that both options, mobile data on and data roaming, are on
  3. Select APN (= access point) settings and enter ‘mobiledata’ in the APN field. Leave all other fields blank
  4. Press the menu button
  5. Start the internet browser

Android Phones & Tablets

  1. Select Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks
  2. Assure that data or packet data is on and data is roaming on
  3. Select Access Point Name (APN) or Access Point Name
  4. Press the menu button, select + new APN or access point, and type in both fields for name and APN Name mobiledata ’. Leave all other fields blank.
  5. Press Back and select the new APN / access point ‘mobiledata’
  6. Press Back until you are back in the main menu

Customer service and voicemail

From your mobile phone:
Dial 154 from your phone.
Follow the prompts to speak to customer service

From landlines, hotels or public telephones:
Click the Access Number link to find the access number for the country in which you are located and select it.
Dial 0 # to speak to customer service and one of the following options:
Press 0 for English
Press 1 for French
Press 2 for German
Press 3 for Portuguese
Press 4 for Spanish
Press 5 for Japanese
Press 6 for Italian

Caution: you will be charged per minute if you call toll-free access numbers from a mobile phone.


You can dial 121 or press and hold the 1 key to be connected to voicemail. Or you can also dial your own +1 number to get access to Voicemail. Most of the time the voicemail number is programmed automatically on your mobile device.


For information on lifespan and expiration dates, please click here: see here

Device compatibility

Your mobile device must support the frequencies 1700/2100 to use the 3G service and 700/1700/2100 for LTE service in the USA.

operation manual

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