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Car decoration for the World Cup - flags for the side window, mirror socks, giant flags

World Cup decoration on the car - what is allowed?

Since the beginning of the World Cup, they have been everywhere on the car: the Germany flags on the window, the black, red and gold wrapped side mirrors or huge flags that are shouted out of the window by the passengers. But is all of this actually allowed? Doesn't that hinder road traffic?

In the following article, we will show you which equipment you can use to make your car suitable for the World Cup and which fan articles you should limit to the fan mile or the sofa at home.

Colorful car decoration with a clear view

In principle, you have the right to design your vehicle in the colors of your preferred nation. However, in accordance with Section 23 of the Road Traffic Act, you must ensure that flags and fabric covers do not obstruct the view. You should fix the flags with clamps in such a way that you have a perfect view of the traffic both via the side windows and the front window.

In addition, only the small flags with a short plastic pole are allowed. Big flags with long poles, you are not allowed to attach them to the car even if you fix them perfectly. This also applies to the slow-moving motorcade. Of course, the large variants running over the rear window also fall under the flag ban. It also doesn't allow you to wave the big flags from inside the moving car. This could hinder or even injure other road users. The same applies to self-made banners.

The mirror socks are like the clip-on flags: if they do not restrict the view through the rear-view mirror, they can be attached to the vehicle. You have to do without the black, red and gold covers, however, if the flashing lights are on the outside mirror.

Is everything still tight?

It is better to remove the clip-on flags when driving on the motorway or other expressways. Otherwise you could fly away and obstruct other vehicles. In addition, you should regularly check whether the flags are still properly clamped and whether the mirror socks are still in place. Also, when purchasing, make sure to choose quality decorations for your vehicle and attach them according to the product instructions. Then nothing goes wrong on the drive to the fan mile or in the car parade after the game.

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