How do you say swim in French?

Translation of "swimming" in French

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One of the favorite sports of the Viennese swimming.
During the Second World War he was involved in the training of soldiers in the US Navy and wrote a textbook on it swimming.
Pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, il était engagé dans la formation des soldiers de l'US Navy et a écrit un manuel sur la natation.
During the 1997 competition, a typhoon raged in the region, so that swimming was omitted without replacement in Lake Biwa.
Au cours de la compétition de 1997, un typhon fait rage dans la region, la natation dans le lac Biwa is neutralized.
He brought my daughter swimming at.
C'est lui qui a appris à rodent à ma fille.
I can you swimming teach.
Je préfère t'apprendre à rodent, qu'à danser.
Anyway, Frazer has me here swimming taught.
En tout cas, Frazer m'amenait ici, - il m 'apprenait à rodent.
Almost 70,000 military personnel and civilians learned here over the next 50 years swimming.
In the 50 années qui suivent, près de 70000 militaires et civils apprennent dans la piscine Pfuel la nage.
Bring this girl swimming at.
Apprends à rodent à ta fille.
To be closer to her ... through swimming m sea.
There you have me swimming taught.
I thought, swimming did not cause the ulcer.
Attends, je croyais que nager ne causait pas d'ulcère.
Yes i got you swimming taught.
We have to Stella swimming or she might drown.
Tu dois apprendre à rodent à Stella. Autrement, elle pourrait se noyer.
In the water and bring our son swimming at.
Dans l'eau. Il apprend à rodent à notre fils.
I will you swimming teach.
Je vais t'apprendre à rodent.
You got him swimming taught.
He took me on this excursion swimming taught.
Il m'a appris à rodent durant le séjour.
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