How can I earn instead of procrastinating

Earning money with the blog - these strategies will help!

Now you might be thinking: "I can't make any money with a blog!"

Basically you are right, the blog alone is not that easy to monetize. Nevertheless, it is worth money. Because your blog is much more than a simple cash cow, it is a fundamental part of your business model. It is the perfect marketing tool to build your business around and start selling digital products and online courses, for example!

Take a closer look at some of the most successful online entrepreneurs. What is usually the linchpin of the marketing strategy there? Right: the blog!

Take that for example Monkey blog. The smart "monkeys" around Vladislav Melnik have set up one of the most successful blogs in the German-speaking world on the subject of blogging. The blog is the focus of various business units and helps the monkey bloggers, among other things, to market their digital products. The classic - the monkey book - sells a few hundred times a month.

If you do it right, your blog can be a really powerful one Marketing machine be. Let's take a look at how you can do that and what you can learn from the monkey blog:

Every successful blogger knows his target group

It doesn't work without the right alignment. I have it for you here already described. Before you start, you first have to create the right conditions. You don't just need fascination for your topic (why enthusiasm alone is not enough, I already have you on ours Blog described.

If you have difficulties with the target group definition at the beginning, then that's not a problem. Before you spend weeks or even months meticulously defining your alignment, you can go a little further at the beginning. It is more important to start walking than to hesitate perfectly. Because that way you don't learn anything.

Let's take the monkey blog again as an example. Here the target group is clear: small entrepreneurs. Yes, that sounds relatively broad, because this includes, for example, freelancers, solo preneurs and other online entrepreneurs as well as small teams. Still, things are going well and the alignment is working.

The thing about the right alignment is a really critical point, by the way. Let's take good Gordon. I'm sure you know his great podcasts. However, things didn't always go so smoothly for him.

In the beginning he wanted everything. Literally. As a coach, he offered solutions for everything and everyone. And that's exactly what tripped him, as he honestly admits. Didn't hurt him particularly, it just made him more personable!

If you don't know Gordon yet, visit him on his right away Website!

How do I find my target group now?

I have you covered how you can find your target group, get to know them better and identify their most important pain points here already described in detail. A guide to Customer avatars Jessica Ebert created for you. If you are not 100% sure about these points, read the first part of the linked article on the elopage blog - otherwise, let's get started now and look at the best strategies with which you can monetize your blog!

Your job: problem solver!

The blog is the same as digital products and online courses. First you have to have a real problem with your target group on the screen. Otherwise you may be investing a lot of time in solving a problem that doesn't even exist.

There is one thing you really need to internalize: Your blog visitors come to you for one reason: They are looking for a solution to a problem. If they don't get this help from you, then they won't come back anytime soon. That's the harsh reality.

It's best to see the whole thing as a challenge: With your blog, you can jump into the rut, help others and at the same time position yourself as an expert and problem solver. On the subjectBuild up self-marketing and expert status By the way, we have a great article by Julian Heck on our blog - read it right now! We have on this subject too Digital consultant Martina Fuchs spoken.

How do you become a problem solver?

First, let's look at an example of how not to do it.

Let's take the e-letter from Swiss Post. Basically a great thing - but unfortunately the solution does not meet the necessary demand. People who are less online savvy still pick up letters or the phone, while others use e-mails, messengers and other digital channels. A clear case: someone wanted to develop new sources of income and did not think about the target group and their problems.

You can do better!

For example like this: I'm sure you know Nespresso. The small capsules solve a real (luxury) problem: quickly get an espresso / coffee that tastes good too!

If you have internalized that, then you already have an important part of theMindsets of a successful blogger and online entrepreneur.

Now it's getting exciting: You can start Content to cut out!

Before you hit the keys, let's take a look at what is important:

Why you should start with free content at the beginning

Especially at the beginning you come to free content, which of course solves problems of your target group and added value donates, not around. This is inevitable in order to make money with the blog at some point, and it was no different for the monkey bloggers. At the beginning it was said for Vladislav:

Content, content, content!

The first blog articles, then free digital products. The beginning was difficult for the monkey blog too.

No need to bury your head in the sand now. Once you've established yourself, over time you can focus on higher priced products through to premium products. Then you can make real money using your blog. Take a look at our article on the Smart business concepts and above all the concept of "Product stairs“At the end of the article. In it I vividly describe how you can go up the stairs step by step and advance your online business.


Let's get to the next point:

You need a crew!

You write and write, but nobody really seems to care?

Clearly, you need a crew!

Together you are less alone. And, more importantly, you're stronger together!

I'll show you what I mean by an example:

Imagine you want to tackle a really big project. But you only have two hands and cannot do everything yourself. If you now had companions and helpers by your side, then that would really help you, wouldn't it?

Transferred to the digital area, these are e.g. befriended bloggers who help you to successfully design a product launch. They share your product, you reach more potential customers and increase your reach.

Let's not forget the social aspect of a functioning network. You don't work in a vacuum, you are always in contact with others. This makes work more fun and you get valuable feedback at the same time.

This is how you build a community:

Especially at the beginning you need to connect with other bloggers and entrepreneurs in your field. You have to create a community for yourself. There are certainly many ways to do this, one of which I would like to show you here. In the beginning, Vladislav mainly wrote comments on other blogs in order to develop a relationship with the bloggers. He left meaningful comments, praised here and there, and gave constructive criticism.

Step by step you build a stable network that will catch you and help you if you need support.

If you have built a lively community, then you are very close to the next goal, namely this engagement.

Commitment is the key

Take a look at the blog articles from the monkey blog. You can't stop scrolling, you'll find so many comments there!

So his community is extremely active. And that is what it is about. It shows - among a few other things - that the content is being received, that it is perceived and valued. And that he reaches the right people.

Why is that important?

It's like this: many thousands of visitors alone are not enough. This is another myth to be cast out.

Speaking of which Pageviews and traffic - that brings me to the next point, namely thatRange.

Why reach and page views alone are not the key

Many think that they only have a chance to be successful through immensely high traffic and, for example, to earn a living by selling their digital products. There is some truth to this, but it doesn't really get to the point.

Ok, if you want to specialize in affiliate marketing, then a high reach is definitely extremely important. However, if you focus on selling digital products, things look different. Now the sheer range is no longer so important.

Imagine 10,000 people visiting your blog every day. This is great, but only brings you something if the "right" people visit your blog.

You are unique - you should show that!

You can recognize the monkey blog immediately. This is not only due to the logo and the design (we'll get to that in a moment), but above all to the writing style. It is unmistakable. Who else starts withRockyto explain why a stable community is so important?

Personality is a factor that should not be underestimated and it can contribute immensely to the success of your online business.

Imagine that you are looking for coaching in the area of ​​health or personality development. Who would you rather confide in - someone who runs a faceless website or someone who also has a blog in which they reveal something about their personality?

Exactly, more like the first coach. Be that coach.

Clear design and a common thread

The monkey blog just looks good, I think. Simple, clearly structured and straightforward. The clear orientation is also reflected in the design. Somebody has produced a good thing here.

Ok, the color scheme can polarize but still - here you can also see a clear handwriting that runs through the entire blog and gives the whole thing an even more professional touch.


Quality matters

Mediocrity doesn't really get you anywhere. Your blog needs to be REALLY unique.

What does quality mean in this context?

Quality doesn't always have something to do with length, but sometimes it does. So the word count of a blog article is important in four ways. On the monkey blog you will hardly find an article under 1000 words. This is not only because Vladislav and his team love to write, but there are solid reasons for doing so.

More can be said and added value in 1000 words than in 300. Google also sees it that way and may classify longer articles better, which affects their ranking.

When it comes to marketing your digital products, there is also a smart and a less smart way. I will now show you both in a fast run:

The thing about marketing

You don't feel like it Cold calls? Then you should go the smart way once more and establish a blog, because it opens up smart marketing channels for you.

With Advertising banners and boring Ads you don't lure anyone out from behind the stove these days. A number of studies have shown that we are now able to identify and simply hide everything that is advertised. Ok, some coaches and consultants generate tons of leads with Facebook ads. However, this is not the smartest way and certainly not the cheapest.

My advice: Just start with the tips in this article and vary where you see fit. Because paths that have already been taken do not lead to success for everyone. You have to find your own way to be truly successful.


Wherever we go to market your digital products orOnline coursescan help, there we are with our SaaS tool and our know-how there for you. Just call us on 030/398 20 46 50 or write an email to [email protected]

I also put ours for you Guide to digital products to the heart. In it you will find out everything you need to get started!


I hope I was able to give you some inspiration and helpful tips on how to build your blog and make it the central marketing tool of your online business.

Now I wish you a lot of fun and success with the implementation - let's rock!

Our goal is to give you the best support there is. If your question has not yet been answered by this post, please send us an email to [email protected] or call us on (030) 398 20 46 50. We will not leave you alone and will stay tuned until the problem is solved!