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Twitter Spaces

With the new Spaces function, Twitter users should be given the opportunity to open their own chat room. Instead of having a text message there, as you are used to in classic chat rooms, you switch on your microphone. As a host of such a space, you can invite other platform users to a conversation. You either select individual people or give the right to speak to all users whom you follow yourself.

Currently everyone is a Twitter Space public: Once the room has been created, other users can come in and follow the conversation. However, these people cannot speak for themselves - the host decides who is allowed to speak. By the way, as the creator of a room, you can withdraw the right to speak from the invited guests. Listeners, on the other hand, only have the option of giving reactions through emojis and cannot otherwise participate directly.

Twitter Spaces are available as direct and volatile medium thought. Just like in a conversation away from the Internet, no recordings should be made. This circumstance probably promotes the openness of the conversation: Without having to worry about how what is said will work in the future, one should be able to speak freely. However, with restrictions: Twitter saves all conversations for 30 days. For example, you should be able to understand illegal statements. In addition to Twitter itself, the host also has the option of downloading the sound file during the storage period. Other speakers should be able to download at least a transcript of what has been said.