How can I restore a database

How can I re-create a deleted database?

In this article you will learn how to restore databases that were deleted with the drop database command via SSH or script.


A database can be restored if:

  • The deletion took place via a PHP script.
  • The deletion via SSH took place.


If a database is deleted in this way, the database configuration remains in the STRATO customer login, but the database can no longer be administered in this way.

Database can NOT be restored if:

  • The deletion in the STRATO customer login took place.


All you need to create the database is your domain name, your master password, the database name and an SSH client, e.g. PuTTY.


In the following step, establish the SSH connection to the job in which the database was located.


If you have successfully established the login, please use the following command:


mysql -h rdbms -u [username] –p


Now enter your used database password. Mysql> appears under PuTTY. Proceed with the following command:



create database [database name];

The database has now been created again and can be accessed via PHPmyAdmin.