Is Jane Fonda still an activist?

Hollywood icon Jane Fonda reveals: "I screwed up a lot of things in life"

At 83 she is still super successful as an actress and happier than ever before in her private life. But getting there wasn't easy, as Jane Fonda reveals in an interview with t-online.

Celebrity daughter, sex symbol, activist, fitness icon, Oscar-winning character actress, series star. In her career spanning more than six decades, Jane Fonda has reinvented herself again and again - and achieved what very few women in her industry succeed: At 83, she is still one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

Her secret of success: "It is more important to be interested than interesting," she reveals in an interview with t-online. An insight that was not inherited from her in the cradle. On the contrary: it was a tough learning process, says Jane Fonda. "Above all, we women always struggle to do what is supposedly expected of us," says the actress from experience.

From "Barbarella" to suffragette

As the daughter of Oscar winner Henry Fonda, she tried for a long time to emulate a supposed ideal. Her big breakthrough came in 1968 as the fantasy pin-up "Barbarella". The film of the same name made her a sex symbol and created an image of woman that she actually never wanted to fulfill.

Jane Fonda: In 1968 she became a sex symbol as "Barbarella". (Source: IMAGO / Mary Evans)

"In my opinion, you get a captivating aura as a person if you are empathetic, remain curious and stand up for things that are bigger than you are," emphasizes Jane Fonda in an interview. As an activist, she protested against the war, was committed to climate protection, and advocated equal rights for minorities and women's rights. She started her own production company to narrate socially critical issues with strong female characters and won her second Oscar. "You must never lose faith that things will get better. You have to fight against becoming cynical," she clarifies. Also in terms of age and an alleged "expiration date" in Hollywood.

"It's incredibly difficult to be young"

"I wrote some books about it because I wanted to change the image of aging for young women," explains Jane Fonda - and she provided the best example of this. Her aerobics videos made her a fitness icon in her mid-40s. At the age of 68, after a break from acting, she celebrated a mega comeback on the big screen and is still in front of the camera today. She recently wrote the longest in-house production in Netflix history with the series "Grace & Frankie".

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda: They have played the leading roles in the Netflix series "Grace & Frankie" since 2015. (Source: IMAGO / ZUMA Press)

Looking back, Fonda thinks: "It is incredibly difficult to be young because you have no idea what to expect. You don't know anything. What should I do? Who should I be? What do I have to learn? You have no idea which one Tools and what knowledge you really need later in life. "

Even during their marriages, she often played a role because she believed she would please. It was only after her third divorce, from media mogul Ted Turner, that she found herself. "Now I know who I am. But that took over 60 years," explains the actress, admitting: "I've screwed up so many things in my life. I've been married three times. I've got a lot of flaws and made mistakes. But you have to learn from your mistakes. The worst mistake you can make is not to stand by your mistakes. You grow when you do something wrong and then learn from it. I am proud to say that I am accurate was able to do so. "

At 83 and as a single, she feels more balanced and happier than ever, emphasizes Jane Fonda. Because today she knows "that you don't have to be perfect to be loved. Good enough is good enough!"

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