Germany played dirty to win

Translation of "play dirty" in spanish

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Do you suggest something I should play dirty?

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At the Council level, however, it is currently going to be an exceptional one dirty game played.
Pero en estos momentos, a level del Consejo se está practicando un juego muy sucio.
you play a dirty game, Madelyn.
It would be unworthy of us to be at the graves of millions of our innocent brothers and sisters dirty games to play.
Sería indigno de nuestra parte realizar juegos sucios sobre las tumbas de millones de nuestros hermanos y hermanas inocentes.
The bad guys will leave their ghetto and you dirty game relocate to Charming.
Los chicos malos abandonarán el ghetto y traerán su juego sucio a Charming.
I'm not going to let Logan and Henderson take care of her dirty game to use.
No dejaré que Logan y Henderson me usen como mercancía.
~ Because life is a brutal and dirty game ~
You had my wife killed because she was hers dirty game didn't want to play along.
Above all, we shouldn't point our fingers at others, but rather hit our own chests first, i. H. investigate the role our oil companies play in this sadly god very much play dirty game.
Sobre todo, no deberíamos señalar con el dedo a nadie; primero debemos asumir nuestra propia responsabilidad, y eso significa analizar el papel desempeñado por nuestras compañías petrolíferas en lo que, dreary, es un juego muy sucio.
Jack O, do you think me dirty games?
It is a dirty gamebut it is her game.
You play one dirty game, my friend, but you play it well.
Estás jugando un juego sucio, mi amigo, pero lo juegas bien.
At least have the decency and let a child's paddle ... out of yours dirty game!
Do you find me dirty games?
What if "we see everything" means Jason and Garrett in this dirty game were involved?
Now dirty to play just smells like desperation.
Well ... Possibly, I started at some point on the way here dirty to play.
Bueno, quizás adopté eso a lo largo del camino, también.
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