What does the non-destructive test cost

Non-destructive testing of materials - NDT

The aim of infrared thermography is to use non-contact measurement of surface temperatures to determine structural properties, to assess physical aspects such as thermal bridges, and thus also to energetic assessment to get from components. This applies to apparatus, pipelines, electrical switchgear, buildings or the like, e.g. for the purpose of taking stock, Condition analysis or as a basis for renovation planning, as well as for Verification of work carried out possible. Wherever there are temperature differences, problems can be meaningfully described using thermographic tasks. Because defects or flaws often cause a disruption of heat radiation and propagation. Our device technology is mainly used in the industrial sector to support maintenance tasks. Areas of application are the inspection of contact points in electrical switchgear in both the low-voltage and high-voltage areas, checking the condition of the lining of reactors and industrial furnaces, determining impermissible deposits in exhaust chimneys and pipelines, and checking the quality of insulation. It should be particularly emphasized that our technology is of course able to deliver reliable results in a wide variety of atmospheric media / gases.