What is indifferent to you


  • to bounce off (someone) fig. · (Someone) does not care his main form · (someone) does not deprive him of sleep fig. · Not take care of (someone) becoming obsolete · not let (someone) sleep restlessly fig. · (Heartily) indifferent to (someone) (smoothly / directly) past the ass coarse · (to someone) to be blunted in the following, Viennese · To be (someone) latte inf. · To be (somebody) latte inf. · To be irrelevant (to someone). · (Jema ndem) not giving a shit derb · (somebody) not giving a shit inf. · (somebody) being Schnurz inf ugs. · Something about not being indifferent to (somebody) infos. · To be (somebody) booing infos., regional · To be indifferent to (someone) infos. · Do not contest (someone) go., Obsolete · not care about (someone) the bean coll., Idiom · do not itch (someone) coll. · not scratching (someone) inf. · not shearing (someone) go., becoming obsolete · only touching (someone) peripherally go. · Don't care (further) about infos. · Fuck the dog about it. coarse, saying · Fuck it! vulg., saying · you can tell your hairdresser that inf., saying · that affects me (extremely) peripheral, saying · let God be a good man inf., expression · shit on it vulg. · Tell the parking meter coll., Out of date, saying · do not attach increased importance to inf. · Give nothing to inf. · whistle on inf. · speak to my hand inf., saying, variable
  • (something is) all the same · (something is) all one ● (all) a sauce inf. · (everything) a coarse cum · all the same crude crude · all the same crude crude
  • the same in the end result · in the end it doesn't matter ● (whether) so broken or tickled to death ... coll.
  • both equally bad · like the choice between plague and cholera ● (whether) so broken or tickled to death ... coll., fig. · Both like crappy coarse
  • Do what you think is right. ● You can hold this like a roofer. coll., saying · You can hold it as you want. ugs. · Just do as you think. coll., clichéd
  • (completely) no matter how you do it · in any case · how you do it ● one way or another nonsense.
  • ↗ (that) doesn't make a (big) difference inf. · You can keep that funny. coll., sloppy · You can hold that like a roofer. coll., saying