What is a wish you have

You have one wish

Sometimes everything can be so simple ... Only: we often can't figure it out on our own! Four years ago, my coach at the time gave me a very special homework question. That question - and my answer - changed my life. And if it's only 2017: with this one question - and your answer - 2017 will definitely be an even better year for you!

How exactly will this question change your 2017 year? And above all: what is this a Question that can do that?

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“Imagine you get fulfilled a wish. No matter what it is. You can everything to wish! There is no limit other than this:
To wish to have more than one wish. Wanting something for other people instead of yourself.

In addition, you can everything to wish! And this wish will be fulfilled for you. Think about it carefully: what is your wish, what would you wish for? "

The best thing is to take 1 minute now:
What is the 1 thing, the 1 wishwho is more important to you than anything else?
1 minute for your answer to this question. It doesn't take more.
And after that your life may be a different, even more beautiful one ...

That's how I felt then. Why?
Because I now had clarity where there was previously unconsciousness.
Because with this new clarity I went through life and the day in a completely different way.
Because with this new clarity I made different decisions than before.
Because I aligned myself and my life with it. After all, it was my heart's desire!

When you know what your heart's desire is, then you too have clarity. Imagine again and again what it is like when this wish has already come true. Imagine what you are feeling, what you are feeling. Feel what the wish-fulfillment feels like. And then: bathe in this feeling.

Perhaps you have also heard the phrase "Pray as if you had already received."

Knowing what is really important to us, being clear about what is important to us above all else, is - I believe - most of us are not really aware of that. you however, now have clarity.

With this new clarity, make your heart's desire for your project with priority 1 for the next year. Or even better: start taking the first step right now!
Do not let anything come before / over this project in everyday life. Neither professionally nor privately. Contribute a small building block every day - even if it is just the loving thinking of this wish your feeling in what the wish fulfillment feels like. And make sure you stay tuned!
You come to brush your teeth every day - and probably more than once!
So: stay tuned! And then you will be happy ... because: your wish will be fulfilled ...

I wish you that from the bottom of my heart - for 2017 and beyond!

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