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Confuse means to put something in order, to mess something up. e.g. a cat can confuse a ball of wool. Confusing can also mean confusing someone, making someone insecure, confusing someone. The word bewirren comes from the Old High German firwerran, unsettling, confusing and has been around since 1000 AD. occupied. Confusing means that you get something or someone out of a beautiful order. Suppose you have become firmly convinced. Then come events that contradict this belief.

Then you get confused. Or you have firmly decided on something and hoped that carrying out a certain action will bring certain results or that someone will find what you do good. Then it can be that someone makes statements that question that and which confuses you. Life is often so confusing. Even on the spiritual path one can always get confused. Because there are so many scriptures, so many books, so many recommendations. These can also contradict each other.

So sometimes you don't know what to really do. Sometimes it helps to have someone to ask, e.g. a spiritual guide, a teacher, a guru. Sometimes, however, one has to learn to live in a state of confusion, to practice anyway, and to trust that everything will gradually come to an end. A temporary state of confusion can be very beneficial and has great potential for growth.

The scriptures can be confusing

It is recommended over and over again, read the scriptures, and I recommend it too. But there are so many different scripts and scripts can get confusing too. There are things in some of the scriptures that you would think the scriptures shouldn't say. If you have ever read the Bible in full, you will find yourself confused at times. What is part of the Old Testament, there you can say how such a thing is possible. And also some passages in the New Testament and some statements from Paul. Can you say "what's that about". And some things also contradict each other. There are verses in the New Testament that say "yes, there is the doctrine of reincarnation described". There are other verses in which Jesus clearly seems to oppose reincarnation.

What is right now? For example, when you read the Bhagavand gita, Krishna says one thing in one place and says something else in the other. And then there are also things where you would say that contradict how you see ethics today. What counts? Fonts can be confusing. One should stick to the scriptures, says Shankaracharya, but one must also analyze and ponder them. First one has to consider what is really spiritual teaching in the scriptures and what are the customs of the time.

Assuming you read the Mahabharata, you will find a lot there where you say that today it is no longer relevant. Today we live a little differently. Maybe you would say lucky or you would say regrettable. But then you will find that there are quite a number of eternal spiritual truths that still apply today. Then you have to look, even eternal spiritual truths can sometimes contradict one another. Then you have to weigh what is valid in my life situation now.

In general, it is good to have a teacher who can teach you. Especially at the beginning or middle of the path that can show you how to understand the scriptures. It is often helpful to read a commentary from someone you think knows something. Perhaps even from a realized master whose life you know something or whose life you have read a lot about. As you know, he seems to have had enlightenment. If he has had enlightenment, then his commentary will also come out of enlightenment. Then Master will untangle the scriptures a little with his commentary.

When you have got out of the intermediate level, you can ask these questions yourself as you work with the scriptures. What are the eternal truths and what can simply only be explained from time. Which of these is applicable to you now and what is it that you get from the scriptures as inspiration, where you should really work on it now.

Viveka Chudamani - Don't let sense objects confuse you

Don't get confused. Align your mind with liberation

- Commentary on Viveka Chudamani verse 323 by Sukadev Bretz -

"Just as a woman confuses her lover, a wise man also forgets the essentials - through his manipulated mind attached to sensory objects."

A confused mind lacks clarity

An old example: Assuming - this is still used today in spy thrillers and probably also in real time - that a woman is supposed to target a man and confuse the lover.

Many secrets have surfaced and many agents have been given secrets. But you don't have to just go into crime thrillers. For example, you can also remember the moment when you were freshly in love, whether you could still think clearly. You probably couldn't.

In a similar way, the sensory objects seem to be so clear and beautiful. Falling in love can also lead to a wonderful relationship. But many people will have learned that falling in love a few times didn't really lead to a good relationship, but eventually it did.

Do not allow the mind to be confused by sense objects

It may be similar that some sense objects show you a good way. But not rarely at all. The yogi wants to come to liberation and so it is important that you do not allow the sense objects to confuse your mind.

At this moment you can think about it: Which sense objects are confusing my mind right now? Is it maybe something you've heard that people think of you? Is it something you absolutely need? Is it the thought that something is wrong somewhere in your apartment? Is it the annoyance that the landlord isn't doing something so well? Is it your boss

Confusion of mind prevents God realization

They are all sense objects. These confuse your mind and lead to the fact that you do not experience God-realization. Therefore, do not get confused by the sense objects.


More information about Viveka Chudamani on the Yoga Vidya website and enter Viveka Chudamani there. We have all the verses there also in Sanskrit, Devanagari, with German translation, commentaries and recitations available free of charge.

Confusion in relation to other personality traits

Confusion belongs to the group of personality traits, downsides, vices and virtues. To better understand this character trait, let's relate it to others:

Synonyms confuse - similar properties

Synonyms confuse are for example Dullness, confusion, drowsiness, numbness, disorganization, confusion, gloominess, dismay, overwhelming, agitation, horror, insanity, emotion, diversity .

The synonyms can be divided into two groups, those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation:

Synonyms with negative connotation

Synonyms that are commonly interpreted as negative are, for example

  • Dullness, confusion, drowsiness, numbness, disorganization, confusion, gloominess, dismay, overwhelming, agitation, horror, insanity, emotion.

Synonyms with positive connotation

Synonyms with a positive connation can help to see an apparently dark side positively. Synonyms with positive connotation are for example

Antonyms confuse - opposites

Antonyms are opposites. Antonyms, i.e. opposites, of confusion are for example Clarity, peacefulness, self-control, serenity, calm, privacy, carelessness, balance, imperturbability, calmness, serenity, carelessness, . You can also divide the antonyms, the opposites, into those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation.

Antonyms with positive connotation

Antonyms, i.e. opposites, to a vice, a shadowy side, a negative personality trait, are commonly interpreted as an opposite pole. These can be cultivated in order to overcome the vice, the dark side. So here are some opposite poles to confuse that have a positive connotation:

  • Clarity, peacefulness, self-control, serenity, calm, privacy, carelessness, balance, imperturbability, calmness, serenity

Antonyms with negative connotation

The opposite of a shadowy side, a vice, is not always positive. Here are a few examples of antonyms to confuse, but which are also not considered as beneficial:

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some characteristics that come before or after confusion in the alphabet:

Property group

Confusion can be counted under the following two groups of properties:

Related words

Words related to confuse are, for example, the adjective confused, the verb confused, and the noun confused.

Anyone who has confusion is confused or a confused person.

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