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Raffael - master of charm and harmony

You don't have to understand a lot about sports or music to recognize one thing: if you only need a single name to be known, you've made it, be it Pele in football or Cher in music. Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino was a superstar of the art scene at the end of the 15th century. Today he is better known under his name Raffael.

He became famous for his oil painting with Christian motifs, which he knew how to compose very harmoniously. In addition to oil paints on canvas and canvas, wood was a popular base for his oil paints, with which he captured the charm of sacred figures.

The Renaissance master would celebrate his 500th birthday this year. Unfortunately, Raphael did not get very old during his lifetime. He died at the age of 37. There are a number of myths surrounding his death. Whether it was the plague, malaria and a wrong procedure against sexually transmitted diseases that leads to death remains a mystery to this day.

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Exhibitions for the end of winter

The old masters are en vogue again. Several exhibitions therefore lure us out onto the streets and into museums and galleries. In between, you can keep your nose a little in the wind and feel and smell the first warm breezes of a premature, tender beginning of spring. With drawing paper and pencils under your arm, you can let spring-like inspiration flow into the first drawings for this year.

The year of the grand masters is led by Raphael, the Renaissance genius. This year 2020 the Italian artist celebrates his 500th birthday. On this occasion, the Berlin Gemäldegalerie is dedicating a special exhibition until April 26, 2020, at the center of which are the five Madonna pictures by Raffael.

The Barberini Museum moves forward in the era of Impressionism. From February 22nd to June 1st, 2020, an exhibition on the French painter Claude Monet, his romantic and seductive landscape paintings in masterful oil painting, puts in the ideal light.

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister offers a unique overview of the old masters of the arts for its festive reopening on February 29th. The “Sistine Madonna” by Raphael and Rembrandt's “Ganymed” are just some of the showpieces in the exhibition.

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Into the future of art with virtual reality?

Looking over Da Vinci's shoulder
By means of hardware and programs, virtual reality takes you into any world that you can imagine and program. With a look through the VR glasses, you can paint the Sistine Chapel yourself, give the Mona Lisa her smile and chisel the arms of the sculpture of Aphrodite again.

Paint and draw flawlessly
All colors of all palettes and types, from acrylic paints, oil paints to watercolors, are mixed by the software, which basically recognizes more color accents than the human eye. Small errors on the digital canvas can be erased with one swipe. For tiny details, areas of the picture can be zoomed in and edited down to the pixel.

From simulation to 3D printer
Illustrators and draftsmen are always equipped with full and sharpened pencils. In the virtual 3D simulation you can immerse yourself in the world of your own drawings and graphic novels. Finished digital drawing sheets are sent to the publishing house in real time. And the virtual created sculpture is quickly translated into analogue reality in the 3D printer.

Works that never age
With VR technology, you can basically work from anywhere in the world. This also applies to collaboration between artists. In the virtual space, artists from different locations can work on a joint project. Varnishes and fixatives are not needed. It is only important that you save the project correctly and do a backup.

With the VR glasses to the museum
Curators could also benefit and design tours in advance in the VR room and offer exhibitions. And as a VR visitor in the gallery and the museum, you are not bound by opening times. You can virtually visit the Louvre from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the crowds.

It remains to be seen whether this will prevail against the feeling of letting a real brush slide across the canvas.
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Fashion statements with silk colors

Fashion magazines tell us which color will determine the new season. Ultimately, clothes should be sold. Often with the feeling that you absolutely have to belong. You can create your own spring collection with textile dyes and silk dyes and defy peer pressure in DIY fashion and upcycling.

Depending on your color preferences, you can wear a silk scarf in salmon colors, bright yellow or deep ocean blue. With a thin brush, you can paint your own creations of patterns and shapes on clothing, creating unique items that cannot be bought anywhere.

After application and fixation with the iron, the garments are safe to hand wash after 2 days. The pictures that find their place on clothing can be protected with simple home remedies

From old to new. Silk colors turn clothes into portable canvases. Textile dyes enable old clothes to be up-cycled. Freshly dyed with a new color for fabrics and provided with very individual motifs, the old, previously purchased clothes look fresh and unique again. Tags: painting cloth, textile paint, protect pictures
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DIY costumes for carnival

Only cowboys, superheroes and black kittens make the carnival party really bland. Why not go to the party as a rainbow or as a squeaky lemon. With high quality textile dyes you can easily implement unique costume ideas yourself.

The fabric color for clothes and towels can be applied over a large area. With a brush for the finer points, ornaments and detailed patterns can be applied. After the textile dye is dry, briefly use the iron to set the colors. So there is no risk of the colors staining after washing.

With acrylic-based craft spray with glitter, a sparkling effect in different colors can be sprayed onto the costume. This is how you become a dancing disco ball at the carnival party. In addition to witty costumes with long scarves and robes, textile colors and silk colors are suitable for very personal gift ideas and individual fashion statements. Tags: spray paints, brushes, textile paint
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Art is 1,000,057 years old

Cheers and Happy Birthday to Art's 1,000,057th birthday. She may be old. But from watercolor painting and oil painting to sculpture, literature and photography to theater and performance, art today enjoys the utmost vitality.

The anniversaire de l’art was proclaimed by the French Robert Filliou in January 17, 1963. Fittingly, this was also the Fluxus artist's birthday. From this date, Filliou dated the birth of art back 1,000,000 years.

The artist's claim was to celebrate art. In the sense of Fillious, people should send each other artistic gifts of all kinds on that day and thereby create a perpetual network, the so-called Eternal Network.

Artistic birthday greetings can be painted with small stretched canvas frames as a present for a birthday. The good words and wishes can be made to shine with acrylic paints. The eccentrics can also indicate their age in art years. Robert Filliou was born in 1926 or 999,963 AC, as “after art”. Tags: oil paints, stretcher frames
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Become a wild tiger with face paint

For Mardi Gras in February it is again important to create colorful transformations. With colors for body painting and face make-up to colors for fabrics such as silk and cotton, there are no limits to the imagination for carnival.
The whiskers for the cat costume can be drawn on the cheeks with a fine brush.

With special theater make-up and children's make-up, the children are part of a colorful animal and fantasy world full of lions, tigers, elves, fairies and funny monsters in no time. For face painting and body painting, theatrical make-up and face paint should be preferred over watercolors, as they are skin-friendly.

Ink is also harmless to the skin, after all, the color must be suitable for art lessons at school and as finger paint at home. Unfortunately, the school color hardly withstands the heated carnival celebrations. Once the paint runs over the face, the happy kitten turns into a sad raccoon. Tags: art class, handicrafts, ink, brush
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Blade Runner - The dreary metropolises of Syd Mead

Dystopian metropolises full of melancholy, the images in the film masterpiece “Blade Runner” are haunting and will be remembered. But the social picture of the film has not come true. The film takes place in 2019, but instead of robots and hovering cars, we still have to put our winter tires on it today.

The prophetic images of an engineered and distant future come from the brushstrokes of Syd Mead. In the Berlin gallery O&O Depot, the drawings and gouache pictures by the former industrial and film draftsman can be seen until mid-January in the exhibition "Syd Mead - Future Cities". If you don't dare to go out in winter weather, you can simply watch the classic at home.

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Easels - what do I have to look out for?

An easel is an aid to drawing. The stretcher frames or painting boards can be placed on easels so that they stand at a comfortable angle. In addition, easels are usually high enough that you can work standing up. Easels are popular tools during artistic production, especially with oil and acrylic paintings.

There are different types of easels. Depending on the project, there are different models. They differ from one another in terms of their stability, material, mobility and height.

Traditionally, easels are made of wood. Oiled beech wood has proven to be particularly effective as a material because it does not warp even after years. Otherwise, easels made of elm or pine wood are not uncommon.

The right easel depends on the drawing project. There are table easels for painting while sitting. Large format pictures are better created on a stand easel. The easel is ideal for being artistically active in the middle of nature. This can be easily folded up and is therefore transportable.

Other aspects that should be considered when buying an easel are the height adjustability, through which the easel can be adjusted to the body size. In addition, the width of the crossbars and the maximum image height should be correct. Furthermore, the weight and size of the shelf are important and should be taken into account when making a purchase decision.

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Saving with paint goods

In the run-up to Christmas you already have enough money to spend - for mulled wine, at the Christmas market, for Christmas gifts or your upcoming skiing holiday. Then why not just save elsewhere? Without giving up, of course!

With Malstoff this works without any problems. Order your handicraft and drawing supplies from us in the online shop. Here you will find everything you need at fair prices and there is no need for a ticket or fuel to go to the nearest art supplies store.

But saving is even more fun with us - with savings packages. For example, you can purchase stretcher frames more cheaply with value packs. They always get lost quickly anyway and can sometimes be stored for longer.

You will also find certain items on sale from us. Perhaps by coincidence there is exactly what you have been wanting for ages? Or your colors are blank and you need new ones anyway. Then you will definitely find something here. As a little tip - handicraft material or something self-made are also good Christmas gifts. Save with us and get more for your money. More craft material or more Christmas fun :).
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The right paper - watercolor

Not all paper is the same! Especially as a beginner, you quickly pick up the paper you have at home and wonder why everything doesn't work that way somehow. Cheap paper roughen up too quickly, curls, or the colors don't adhere well. Therefore, when preparing for a creative project, you should never forget to get suitable and reasonably high-quality paper. Of course, the cheap is enough for practicing, but for real drawing and painting it is advisable to work with high-quality materials.

In addition to the quality, the type of paper also has to suit your project. We have sketch pads, sketch books and watercolor paper.

If you plan to draw watercolors, you should use watercolor paper, because it has a decisive advantage. This paper is usually a little thicker and more stable, which prevents curling. The surface is roughened and absorbent, making it ideal for this technique. Particularly good results can be achieved with rag-containing paper. The cotton allows the colors to flow very well, but also absorbs them excellently. You can also take note of the surface texture of watercolor paper. Rough surfaces are suitable for landscapes, for example, but fine surfaces are better for portraits or more precise object drawings.

If you follow these tips when choosing watercolor paper, almost nothing can go wrong with your next artistic project!
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Crazy colors

Anemone, fog, cinnamon, green earth, beaver, chromium oxide green, Naples yellow, red earth, Mars black, Venice red, buttercup - at first you don't even think that these are all colors.

There is an almost infinite variety and beauty of colors - and sometimes a few more unusual ones also have crazy names! But with most names, for example cinnamon, it is relatively easy to imagine something. But with Naples yellow it becomes more difficult to imagine a certain color. Fortunately, all of the colors are available in our shop, where you can also have a look at them. Then you also get a more precise picture of what you can imagine by the colors.

But with the crazy colors you can definitely create great works of art. Whether on a stretcher, on paper or a textile, you can find crazy colors in almost all categories. You just have to get creative and think beyond the traditional color palette and your works of art will shine in a completely new shine!
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Fall crafts

Like every year has us the autumn caught up again this time. Instead of spending long summer days in the countryside or by the lake, the short and cold autumn days tempt you to stay inside. But instead of moping over this darker season, you can prefer to be happy about itthat now again the craft season begins. Without a guilty conscience, you can spend the day in the house and throw yourself completely into handicraft projects.

In addition, autumn offers us one large selection of natural materialsthat can be used artistically. Everywhere there are small sticks or beautiful leaves to press. With the help of clay that you don't have to burn, you can easily try your hand at smaller sculptures. For example, try to shape a little hedgehog with the help of the clay and the sticks you have collected!

From collected Chestnuts you can make small figures that delight. There are also those Pumpkins. Sure, they're standard on Halloween, but who says you can't make a pretty pumpkin cool on other days? Pumpkins are also delicious outside of the Halloween hype and if you move away from the creepy grimace, you can turn your pumpkin into anything. How about, for example Pumpkin princesses, robbers, or grandparents?

Your imagination is required! Use autumn to implement your ideas!
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Do-It-Yourself Christmas gifts

It takes a while until the first door of the advent calendar opens, but before you know it, it's that time again. The Christmas stress begins and in addition to all the hustle and bustle and the search for gifts, you forget much too quickly what Christmas really is. Christmas shouldn't just mean stress, it should be an experience that goes hand in hand with sensuality, tranquility and cosiness. A festival where families and friends can meet and celebrate happily together.

More and more people want to counter this annual Christmas pressure. You want to set an example that Christmas does not just consist of gifts, but is a festival full of love and the festival of the senses. Because of this, DIY gifts are more popular than ever. Homemade gifts show effort and affection in a way that no expensive package ordered on the internet could ever do. Through the work and the time invested in a self-made, self-made or self-drawn gift, makes the present itself so valuable.

So if you also have someone you want to give a very special and personal gift to this Christmas, they should think about do-it-yourself gifts. Fortunately, for everyone who needs inspiration, there are enough tips to be found on the relevant pages on the Internet. Or maybe you will get creative yourself. You can of course find the right material in our shop. So that you can put your time and energy fully into your project, we even deliver your handicraft supplies to your home. With a self-made or personalized gift, you can be sure that you will have unique gifts for your loved ones and that Christmas will be a little more personal and sensual again.
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Give away handicrafts and painting materials

The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner. Most people can't wait to open their giftsenjoying good food and relaxing holidays. No wonder, after all, Christmas is only once a year!

But in addition to the great anticipation, there is also a lot of preparation on the program.
  • The apartment would like to be decorated
  • preparing the food
  • and the presents are procured.
Especially that Theme gifts, can always lead to big problems and a stressful pre-Christmas period. It's only natural that at some point you run out of ideas, but have you ever thought about giving away drawing and handicraft utensils?

A liefully assembled combination of drawing and handicraft utensils is not only a successful Christmas present for children. You can certainly use it to make all creative minds in your circle of friends happy. With such attention, you are referring to the artistic interests of your family members and friends and also giving away something useful. After all, we all want our presents to serve a purpose. The recipient should be able to use the gift and, in the best case, be reminded of a nice Christmas and enjoy it every time.

Another idea is to give away time together with the handicraft material. Time is the most valuable thing we can give to our counterpart. So why not just give away a nice afternoon of handicrafts as a gift. Nothing is more comfortable than doing handicrafts or drawing together over a cup of tea and just spending time together. And the best part: in the end you also have something homemade in your hand! Tags: handicrafts, beginners, painting
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Colorful manga worlds with touch markers

over squeaky fantasy creatures and romantic adventures to the laconic everyday life and dystopian science fiction - the Japanese form of comics generates an immense wealth of brilliant reading material. Everyone can have his comic series in the Manga world Find.

With our touch markers for draftsmen and graphic artists, you can now draw and design your own mangas. The comics, which are part of everyday culture in Japan, are read on the subway, on vacation and at work. Mangas are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Maybe one day the drawings at home will turn into a successful comic with Manga Marker.

Successful mangas can lead to classics in other genres, such as the cult films Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Japanese comic-style video games and animes, i.e. series and films based on manga, also make many fans of the Manga fever seized. The works on drawing paper for preliminary drawings and pencils began.

Our brilliantly colored pens for beginners and markers for draftsmen and graphic artists are suitable for your own manga experiments. In this way, the first layouts of stories can be put on paper with fine lines. After this Layout pen come the Crayons in a wide range of colors Tags: pens, beginners, paper
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Advent awakens the passion for handicrafts

Advent, Advent, a little light is on ... That is what it takes to heat the contour paste. With it, wonderful structures and intense colors can be conjured up on porcelain, earthenware and all other surfaces. Well equipped, the craft passion can begin in Advent.

Everything you need to make Christmas decorations and small gifts for Advent can be found in nature and in our online shop for art supplies. For example, fantastic miniature worlds can be created from simple sticks, tree bark and walnut shells. Adhesives and glue fix nature's materials.

So everything becomes wobbly and forms the basis for small mythical animals that can frolic in the mini world and that can be kneaded and shaped from modeling paste and modeling clay. The fantasy creatures get their colorful appearance with brushes and acrylic paints. Tags: handicrafts, beginners, structure pastes
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Exhibitions with a view of the female artists in the gallery world

Works by female artists, from plastic to oil painting, show more than just the so-called female view of the world. They are evidence of a claim to be perceived and respected socially and politically.

Whether the pictures were painted with acrylic paints or are simple charcoal drawings, they show the urge for equality and the right to be exhibited. Two exhibitions give space to this urge again:

The Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin will present the “Struggle for Visibility” of female artists until March 8, 2020, and is dedicated to the once sponsored but now almost forgotten female painters of past eras.

Few women managed to assert themselves as full-time painters. Her struggle for recognition as artists was also due to an image of women in art, which defined the role as an object in society and as an art object.

With its exhibition "The image of women in the 1920s. Between femme fatale and earning a living", the Kunsthalle Talstrasse in Halle shows how strong the role balancing act was for women. Tags: oil paints, acrylic paints, structure pastes
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Revolution and voyeurism - the poles of the digital world

Two documentaries show how to deal with the artistic freedom that an openly accessible Internet makes possible. On the one hand, it can contribute to the dissemination of art, innovative projects and revolutionary ideas, it can serve the artistic self-realization of the individual and enable participation in social discourses. If these freedoms are restricted, resistance arises. The current example is Hong Kong.

The documentary "Hong Kong's Freedom and Art" about the state of emergency and the protest movement in the metropolis can be seen in the 3-Sat media library until December 16. It sheds light on the protests, in which artists also participate, such as the cartoonist Justin Wong. His drawings of the situation in China with pencil and paper are reproduced on the Internet and become an art of protest.

The freedom to use the internet and especially social media as a field of experimentation has been accepted and used by millions of people. Many began to expose themselves to the public as individuals and in their search for identity. The digital mirror in the form of followers and viral dissemination gave a lot of people meaning. This brought the economy on the scene, which tries to this day to profitably combine the need for recognition and voyeurism.

Similar to pop music, the search is on for formulas to produce online stars. In the documentary "100 Million Views", which is still available in the ZDF media library until November 21, the Israeli video artist Itamar Rose embarks on this search in a self-project. Youtube, Twitter and Instagram quickly become a canvas and easel for the ego. Tags: pens, canvas, paper
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Pop Art: shrill and weird

Pop Art is THE art movement of the 50s and 60s. To this day it inspires artists to create great works, but what actually defines this art direction and where does it come from?

Pop Art emerged almost simultaneously in the UK and the USA in the post-war period as a reaction to popular culture. The artists of this trend said goodbye to expressionism and exaggerated expression. Instead, everyday things and objects became the motif again. Pop Art differs particularly strikingly from other art movements, however, in the clear, sharp lines and contours with which it is worked. There are also large areas that are often filled with striking colors. Usually there is only little depth representation, but strong contrasts.

Pop Art also includes the famous comic pictures, for example by Roy Lichtenstein. In addition to the comic style, the use of repetitions, such as copies, is also typical for Pop Art. This is intended to illustrate the commercialization of art. Perhaps you are familiar with Andy Warhol, who implements this artistic technique in his pictures in a particularly impressive way.
In the period of the 50s and 60s, a huge number of new iconic, poppy pictures were created, which soon enjoyed international fame and made the pop arts great.
A new way of expressing oneself and a special connection between art and everyday life emerged. This combination has the consequence that the art movement of Pop Arts has not been forgotten to this day and lives on in the art movement of Neo-Pop. You can also find comics on every corner and modern advertising always works with Pop Art elements.

But Pop Art is also particularly suitable if you want to get creative again yourself. With some strong acrylic paints from our range, as well as a stretcher frame and the right idea, you can playfully create your own great works of art.
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From the kitchen table to the monkey dance - news from the art world

A surprising find was made on an old lady in France. The Compiègne auction house was actually only supposed to bring a few pieces of furniture to the landfill. In return, they were allowed to search the furniture and objects for objects that could be auctioned. And lo and behold, in the hallway to the kitchen there was a panel painting by the Renaissance painter Cimabue from the 13th century. It is part of his series on the Passion of the Christ and has now been estimated at four to six million euros. So enough money for a new facility. The pictures of the Florentine, on whom he conjured up graceful, Christian symbols in wonderful oil paints, are popular auction items today.

The big screen picture "Devolved Parliament" by Bansky was sold for 11 million euros. It was created in 2009 and shows the British House of Commons. The peculiarity is that all politicians are monkeys. But whoever expects a monkey circus in the painting will be disappointed. Instead of wild screams, as it seems to be the order of the day in the House of Commons, the faces of the monkeys are sad and sad.

Thieves are increasingly reaching for art again, it seems. In Düsseldorf, the painting "Pilgrimage to Kevelaer" by the artist Hubert Salentin was stolen from a car in front of a gallery. The picture is estimated at 40,000 euros. The Goldnest by the artist Thorsten Goldberg costs "only" 30,000 euros. It was on display in a primary school in Marzahn. The students should really enjoy it, it has been gone since May. It is really stupid that it was not insured, although several attempts have been made to steal it. Our varnishes cannot protect pictures from theft, but they can protect them from dirt and moisture. That's a start. Tags: painting cloth, oil paints, protecting pictures
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The enigmatic world of images by M.C. Escher

Psychedelic, stoned, crazy. The black and white imagery of M.C. Escher were received with naive fascination by the flower power culture. The shaggy master was more irritated than pleased by such admiration. Instead of earning fame, he focused on the complexities of existence.
In order to translate these into winding paths and mysterious forms and thus to lead the viewer into a puzzling landscape, he only needed a few brushes and not a lot of paint. The documentary "M.C. Escher Journey to Infinity" is now in the cinema about the life and inspirations of Maurits Cornelis Escher.

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Crafting decorations at witching hour

On October 31, Halloween or pointed-tongued children's carnival is called again. Because what the carnival is for the parents, the horror night in autumn is for the daughter and son. As at Christmas, the anticipation for the evening is half the fun. Now costumes are sewn again, ghost decorations are made and pumpkin muffins are baked.

Our assortment for art and handicraft needs has everything you need for extensive handicraft fun on Halloween. Small witches, ghosts and fantastic beings can be formed with casting molds and structure pastes. With a lot of joy and a sharp brush, the most wonderful decorative elements are created, which you model together with the children.

Scary monsters are cut out of large cardboard and brought to life with watercolors. So they can hang around in and around the apartment at witching hour. The DIY decoration ideas can be attached to almost any surface with glue and artist glue. But be careful, some things last longer than expected;) Tags: handicrafts, beginners, structure pastes
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Daring change of scenery

Flowing forms, magical ornamentation and floral structures that stimulate the imagination. In the beginning, wallpaper was a luxury good. It was an expression of wealth and extravagance. But the taste in living changed. Everything became more pragmatic and functional. The wall painting was cheaper and less ostentatious.

Nowadays there is a new courage to design walls. Vinyl wallpapers are easy to remove and allow creative shapes and images to appear on the walls. With this trend, however, there is quickly a risk of kitsch. Instead, the disdainful woodchip wallpaper can also be used as a large canvas.

Whether with a coarse paint roller or with a fine brush hair, walls can be transformed into very personal landscapes. With a little artistic skill, acrylic paints make room walls glow. With DIY wall painting, room ceilings can be transformed into your personal Sistine Chapel.

Simple household items like brushes and sponges are turning into paintbrushes and opening up new ways of applying paint. It just takes a little experimentation. Printing surfaces can be formed with furniture. With cutting tools, shapes and mini-landscapes and portraits can now be scratched into the printing surface. Then simply apply the paint over a large area and you can stamp your way through the living room. For the 3D effect on the wall, filler is perfect.

And if something doesn't fit what is being created on the wall, you take the thick paint roller in your hand and simply whitewash it over again. At the end of the day, whatever pleases may stay. Even as a small child, people loved to paint the walls. With the colors and brushes from our range you can now be a child and an artist at the same time undisturbed in your own four walls.
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Captured in a pen for 24 hours

In order to ensure decent click numbers on YouTube channels, challenges are popular. Who can last the longest? Young artists ask themselves, for example, and pick up a pen to sometimes draw for up to a hundred hours.

Performative drawing, in which the body and the act of painting, are incorporated into the work of art as part of creation, has long since reached the digital world. American artist Bradly Dollyhigh spent a whole day drawing.Good and beautiful, one might think. But what's special is that he didn't put the pen down once. During this ordeal, not only the pictorial but also all kinds of cries for help arose on the painting paper. If you have a lot of time, you can watch the entire session here.

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Who forces the bristles onto the brush?

A number of work steps wander through the most varied of materials until they become professional brushes for artist use. Whether it's a brush with a brush handle made of real wood or an easy-to-use plastic handle, whether equipped with red sable hair or bristles made of nylon, the small metal clamp on the brush holds everything together for the perfect application of paint in watercolors or oil painting.

This clamp is also known as a holding piece for the small erasers at the end of the pencil