How do I hide bruises

Small bruises Healing and concealing - this is how you get rid of bruises

Bruises can appear quickly. Often you don't even notice that you've hit yourself. Unfortunately, the bruises don't look pretty - not even if they later turn greenish yellow. Unfortunately, it can take two to three weeks for such a stain to disappear completely. But there are a few things you can do to make it faster.

Bruise remedies

There aren't any miracle cures that can make bruises go away overnight, but with the right treatment, you can shorten healing times or even prevent bruises from appearing in the first place.

1. Prevent:

  • Print: You can try to avoid a bruise by applying pressure to the affected area immediately after the bump or punch. To do this, simply press the area firmly with one hand for at least a minute.

  • "Bad luck": Of course it's bad luck if you get a bruise at all. But the word has another meaning as well. PECH is the abbreviation for "break, ice cooling, compression and elevation". Athletes know that this is the best way to avoid bruising after bruising. Take a break, cool the area with ice or a cool pack, apply a bandage using light pressure, and elevate the body part if possible.

2. Decrease:

  • Creams: If you do develop a bruise, you can treat it with certain drugs that are pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Arnica is often recommended. Camphor, horse chestnut or marigold also work well. Horse ointment is an insider tip against bruises. It contains arnica, camphor and other substances, cools and relieves pain. There are also vein creams in the pharmacy with the active ingredient heparin, which promotes blood clotting and makes the bruise disappear faster.

  • Home remedies: A simple trick to make a bruise go away quickly is vinegar water. Mix some lukewarm water with a few tablespoons of vinegar. This promotes blood circulation and can therefore ensure that the accumulated blood is removed more quickly. Simply dab the mixture on the stain with a cotton ball.

  • Schüssler salts: If you like working with Schüssler salts, try No. 3 Ferrum Phosphoricum, No. 11 Silicea, No. 10 Sodium Sulfuricum or No. 12 Calcium Sulfuricum. You can also use the salts externally and use them to make a compress, for example. However, there is no evidence of the effect.

3. Cover up:

  • Theater make-up: If nothing else works, you can hide the bruise with heavily opaque camouflage make-up. So you can show your legs on the date without worrying.

Are bruises dangerous?

Blue spots occur when small mini-cracks occur in the capillary vessels as a result of a bump or blow. Some blood then seeps into the subcutaneous tissue and becomes visible as a bruise. The body then gradually breaks down the blood, which changes the color of the stain.

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A bruise is not dangerous in and of itself. As long as you don't have swelling, severe pain, or circulation problems, you don't have to see a doctor. However, you should be careful if you suddenly get bruises very often. Sometimes a bleeding disorder is to blame. But that is seldom the case. Some people just naturally bruise more easily than others.

Women tend to be more affected because the connective tissue that is supposed to protect the underlying arteries and veins from blows is weaker. You are also more likely to get bruises with age. Certain medications, such as anti-coagulants, antidepressants, or asthma medications, can also make you more susceptible to bruising. But if you suddenly have bruises more often than usual without bumping yourself, you should have this clarified by a doctor to be on the safe side.