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The DSX500i is a motorized inverted microscope with high resolution and 13X zoom optics. With its simple operation and absolute reliability, this microscope opens up a new level of metallographic microscopy.

Simple operation leads the user to optimal results - regardless of their experience

Relaxation for your eyes. You no longer have to look through the microscope's eyepiece, you can fi nd everything conveniently on the screen. The microscope is operated using a touch panel, mouse or keyboard. And most importantly, practically everyone can achieve optimal results with this new system. The on-screen menu guides the user through the process, from inspection to measurement and analysis to the final report. Short, simple operating steps. Fast results.

Three operating modes are available - for beginners as well as experts and for every requirement

Choose from Tutorial, Operator or Advanced Mode depending on your experience and the task at hand. The operator mode can be adapted to the requirements of the user and is suitable for the accelerated execution of routine tasks. The application is opened with a user ID and password and automatically sets the microscope to the operating mode preferred by the user, the optimal microscopy method and the appropriate analysis and measurement.

Tutorial fashion

Newcomers are guided step by step to the desired image. Just choose from the suggestions and the system will generate the image you need.

Advanced mode

Offers the flexibility and performance that demanding users expect with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Operator mode

This adaptable mode is ideal for everyday work as it hides all unnecessary menus.

New user interface with touchscreen

Direct and convenient operation thanks to the graphical user interface

Complicated settings on the microscope are a thing of the past. Getting the best picture is easy with the DSX500i. Once the object has been placed, all parameters are set using a computer mouse, joystick or touch screen - position, focus, zoom, lighting and inspection methods. It is operated directly and in simple steps. In addition, an autofocus and automatic amplification ensure correct lighting and image sharpness.

Macro Map - so you always know where you are

Where conventional microscopes easily lose focus in the dark field, the DSX500i remains in the correct image plane even when the microscopy method is switched. So you never lose your bearings, not even when the picture is enlarged or reduced. Macro Map shows the exact observation point on the screen.

Macro Map - so you always know where you are

Optical zoom brings you closer to your object

Your object in zoom

With DSX Optical Zoom you can also change the magnification in small steps. The DSX500i offers an optical zoom up to 13x and a digital zoom up to 30x.

Thanks to the simple operation, even newcomers can create brilliant images

Thanks to its advanced digital technology, the DSX500i shows you more than any other microscope. Up to now, you either had to know your sample very well or be very familiar with the contrasting methods and settings on the microscope in order to generate optimal results. The DSX500i with its clearly structured user interface, on the other hand, is suitable for every user. A few simple operating steps lead you to the ideal image for inspection and analysis.

Best image function for optimal results

You can now operate your microscope by selecting the optimal image from a preview. The DSX500i then sets the necessary parameters for the sample. So you always get an optimal picture, for example to detect defects, irregular surfaces or foreign bodies. This system can be used by anyone, beginners as well as experts, and it can be adapted to the needs of every user.

Memory metal
Best Image - simply select the optimal image from the on-screen preview

High Dynamic Range (HDR) shows images in a resolution that is far superior to that of the human eye

The appearance of objects varies depending on the type of material, surface conditions and lighting. The HDR function of the DSX500i combines several images with different exposures and corrects differences in brightness on the object surface with extreme precision. HDR produces images with high fidelity, which not only show structures, but also previously unnoticed errors and defects. Halo effects are largely reduced.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) - enables inspection with particularly high resolution, even in areas that contain both weak and highly reflective materials.

WiDER enables an easy inspection of objects with strong refl ection differences

If the non-reflecting area cannot be seen, increasing the lighting intensity is often not enough because halos are then formed in the other image areas. Olympus' intelligent image processing technology eliminates these problems with WiDER, a proprietary algorithm that is available at the touch of a button. High contrast problems are eliminated without lowering the frame rate. No shadows. No halation.

One click to the next microscopic contrast method

With one click, your preferred picture appears on the screen

For practically every industrial requirement - simply select the appropriate light contrast method for the respective task at the push of a button. No complicated settings.

Easily detect defects and irregularities with the MIX mode

MIX combines bright field (BF) with dark field (DF) - unimaginable for conventional microscopes, but can be implemented on the DSX500i thanks to LED lighting. Due to the even illumination of the bright field mode and the additional identification options of the light rays of the dark field falling at an angle on the sample, defects and irregularities are easily detected.

Brightfield. The light contrast method most frequently used in microscopy.

Dark field. The best method for identifying defects and highlighting irregularities.

Differential interference contrast. This method is suitable for examining irregular surfaces or defects in the nanometer range.

Microscopy in polarized light. Simple microscopy in polarized light - ideal for surfaces with polarization properties such as B. printed circuit boards.

Combined microscopy method from brightfield (BF) and darkfield (DF) - simple observation in brightfield and problem-free identification in darkfield.

Easy to use - you can quickly see what has been hidden so far

The DSX500i does not require extensive knowledge or special techniques to show you exactly what you want to see. With the help of opto-digital cutting-edge technology, you can now see everything that was previously indistinct or impossible to see.

Panoramic images capture areas outside the field of view

"Outside the field of view" is a foreign word for the DSX500i. Simply move the observation position on the screen and the motorized table will bring the object into the appropriate position. As the table moves, the system automatically merges the images into one large image - in real time. Where conventional microscopes reduce the field of view at higher magnification, Panoramic View maintains the size of the original field of view, with constant sharpness. Panoramic View enables image capture in 2-D, Extended Focus or 3-D.

Panorama photos show everything, even outside the field of view, simply by pressing a button. Select the display areas with the mouse or on the touchscreen. They are then put together on the screen.

The extended focus area for deeply sharp images

Even extremely carefully polished samples have different z-heights where different materials meet. With conventional microscopes, such unevenness is shown blurred and indistinct. Microscopes of the DSX series shift the focus to the higher sample area and combine a perfectly focused image of the entire field of view.

Polished metal
EFI image

The color enhancement function only shows you what you really want to see

With the color enhancement function, the area of ​​interest is highlighted in color and the rest is shown in black and white. This makes it easier to identify any defects.

Adaptable function for hassle-free and easy reporting

With the DSX500i, you can automatically generate the associated reports after the microscopic inspection or measurement.

Olympus' many years of experience allow DSX microscopes to recognize what conventional digital microscopes do not

Olympus guarantees the reliability of the DSX500i microscopes because they are based on Olympus optical and digital technology. Minimal halation, true-to-life color rendering. Olympus uses the perfect combination of CCD chips and graphics cards for this. Object rendering accuracy in a new dimension.

Optics of the highest quality offer an insight into a new dimension

Optical technology and special lenses

The DSX series is the quintessence of Olympus' many years of experience, with superior technical competencies and development capacities as well as proven manufacturing quality. In the brilliant images of the opto-digital microscope DSX500i you will fi nd neither overexposure nor distortion - unthinkable with other digital microscopes.

Special DSX500i lenses guarantee the highest resolution with a long working distance

The new 10x and 40x objectives were specially developed and manufactured for the DSX500i. They offer a unique combination of high numerical aperture and long working distance. Simply enlarge electronically: The result is an extremely high resolution. You can also use the Olympus UIS2 standard lenses.

18-megapixel high-resolution images are displayed on a high-performance CCD *

High performance CCD

The high-performance CCD from Olympus shows exactly what the high-quality optics detect. The image shift function ensures high fidelity with fine image processing, for sharp images from corner to corner.
* 4,800 x 3,600 pixels, 3CCD mode conversion triples the number of pixels.

LED lighting for picture perfect inspection with lower energy consumption

The new LED lighting not only ensures a true-to-color image, it also saves energy and reduces operating costs. Above all, however, the color temperature of the light does not change with its intensity. The long service life of the components makes the microscope practically maintenance-free.

Precision measurement with absolute reliability that is not possible with conventional digital microscopes

With its telecentric optics and tripod design, the DSX500i shows what measurement accuracy means for Olympus. The measured values ​​are exact and repeatable.

Guaranteed accuracy and repeatability

The DSX500i delivers exact and repeatable measurement results. All devices and components are manufactured in an Olympus factory under strict inspection criteria. The accuracy is guaranteed within the framework of the traceability system according to national standards. *
* Calibration by Olympus or a specialist dealer required.

** Deviations depending on national and regional regulations.
Traceability information for the DSX500i opto-digital microscope

Auto-calibration eliminates operator errors

Correct calibration is a prerequisite for precise measurements. The Olympus DSX500i can be easily and precisely calibrated by any user. This eliminates deviations that can be traced back to calibrations by multiple users and increases the reliability of the measurements. *
* A special calibration scale is required.

Various 2D measurements

Every DSX500i microscope is equipped with all the necessary accessories for a metallographic inverted microscope for 2D measurements. The result of the inspection and measurement can be recorded in a report with the same application software.

cast iron

The following basic measurements are available: distance between two points, polygon curve, perpendicular, distance between centers of circles, angles, circular areas, freehand

Nodular graphite

The analysis functions include particle analysis, flatness measurement and layer thickness measurement

Image stabilization for perfect observation and measurement

The tripod of the DSX500i ensures excellent stability even at high magnifications. The image stabilization also eliminates blurring caused by vibrations. The software guarantees exact measurements.

Without image stabilizer With image stabilizer

OLYMPUS Stream for the analysis of the DSX500i data

Grain size analysis, cast iron analysis, analysis of non-metallic inclusions, diagram comparisons - practically every type of analysis for metallographic assessment is possible with the OYLMPUS stream image analysis software. The software accesses all data in the DSX500i files, including basic calibration data, and enables a versatile, fl exible workflow - from measurement to analysis to reporting.
* Available as an option.
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Cast iron analysis Grain sizing intercept

Grain sizing planimetric Non-metallic inclusion analysis

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