What does fraudulent meal mean

Does the cheat tag and / or the cheat meal work for weight loss?

  • I believe that cheating days and cheating meals can have their place in your diet. Here is how.

  • 1. It's a feast day, not a cheat day. The whole idea of ​​"cheating" with food makes me uneasy. It almost seems like a license to eat, which it definitely isn't. Instead of a scam day or meal, imagine a reward day or board where you treat yourself to something special. No shame or scar, just a treat.

  • For example, if you try to keep your carbohydrates low while exercising a lot, but the body results slow down significantly as your energy levels drop? Then your body (and your brain) may need a cheating day. Enjoy these paleo pancakes with real maple syrup, a large burrito bowl for lunch, and home cooked home cooking for dinner. Your muscles take in these good carbohydrates and replenish them with glycogen. Prepare to watch your energy go through the roof the next day ... and get back to your eating plan.

  • 2. Don't confuse a holiday or meal with a bad habit. When you eat a chocolate treat every night, you have a habit of eating chocolate at night. Be honest with yourself about whether you are treating yourself a little too often and how it will affect your long-term health goals.

  • 3. Do a workout. Getting out and about for fun doesn't mean you have to be a sloth all day long. Go for a walk, practice yoga, throw a few balls with the dog. You will feel better before and after you eat.

  • 4. Plan pampering days around major events. If you're attending a special event like a wedding or birthday dinner, incorporate that into your meal plan. Perhaps you make this your holiday day instead of your usual, or you might work out in a sweaty day. The key to this is to include these events in your diet and keep track of them rather than giving up all of your diet.

  • 5. Eat what you want as long as it is real food. Something that is common on fraudulent days is that people eat a lot of junk, processed foods that do nothing for our bodies. One of my favorite ways to counteract this is to let me eat whatever I want as long as it's not processed.

  • That could mean grilling my own hamburgers, enjoying brownies from the local farmer's market, or stopping by a local restaurant and eating an above-average meal for myself. This works very well in satisfying food cravings without the dire side effects of processed foods and fast food joints.

  • 6. Spice up your healthy food. If you eat the same "diet food" all the time, there is no doubt that at the start of the weekend you will want something more exciting. The key here is to prepare healthy meals that actually taste good.

  • It sounds obvious, but so often we are told that diet food is steamed vegetables with a side dish of plain chicken. And no disrespect to steamed vegetables and poultry, but there are so many other things to eat! I have tons of recipes that not only taste great, but are good for you too. As you eat delicious, nutritious food all the time, you will find that you become less and less inclined to indulge yourself.

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