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Tutoring: This is how you can earn up to 1,300 euros a month!


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  1. Perfect part-time job
  2. Hourly wages
  3. Find students
  4. preparation
  5. Online tutoring
  6. Legal provisions
  7. FAQ
  8. Overview
  9. Self test

Tutoring: The perfect part-time job for students

As a student, you are somewhat limited in some areas when it comes to your part-time job. In addition to your studies, you are only allowed to Work 20 hours a weekso that you don't lose your student status. That's why you should look for a part-time job where the Hourly wages particularly high is. Tutoring as a student is perfect for this, as you get your hourly wage here determine yourself can. Of course he should be in one certain framework otherwise the students and their parents will look for other teachers.

Depending on yours own qualification but you can get a relatively high hourly wage of at least 15 Euros and more desire. When you on Studying to become a teacher, you will also gain experience for your future career with the job. In many other areas, too, it can be beneficial to learn to others through tutoring To impart knowledge.


Hourly wage: This is how much you can charge for your tutoring

Which oneHourly wages The appropriate for your tutoring depends largely on yoursown experience from. If you as Student make money you are sufficiently qualified through your educational path.

As a student, you probably know that you have your Manage time well have to: as a tutor you also have to spend in addition to the actual teaching time Plan in preparation time. You shouldn't underestimate the effort, but it is probably less than the number of hours for another part-time job. That is why tutoring for students is a good optionto earn money on the side. Besides, you are great by the job flexible, because you can schedule the tutoring when you want and when you have time. The possibility of the Hold classes online you are also location-independent

Since you have more experience as a student than a pupil, you can tooset a higher price for the tuition. There is a price range of 15 to 20 eurosnormal. If you're already on a Masters degree, you can think about even more. On tutoring portals like GoStudent, you can be matched with your students and thus also set the perfect price for a tutoring lesson with you.

Tips for the highest possible hourly wage

With a few tricks you can increase the value of your tutoring hours increase and charge more than 15 euros per hour for it.

1. The right subjects

The There is a demand for tutoring in all subjects. So it can be beneficial if you feel very much set up wide and teach different subjects. But it is absolutely clear that you specialize in one subject or another because you can do it better. Regardless of whether English, German, math, science or history, tutoring portals such as GoStudent offer Tutoring for all subjects and so we are always looking for tutors with a wide variety of focuses.

2. Visible results

You should make sure that your tutoring is also based on the grades of your studentshas a positive effect. So you can get a high hourly wage from your parents justify and in the best case also you will recommended.

3. Summer intensive courses

In addition to "normal" tutoring, you can also, for example Intensive courses for high school preparation to offer. You then give as many hours as possible in a short time and earn money with it above average amount of money. This is particularly useful for students during the semester break, as it is there no limit on hours gives. The period between the winter and summer semester also fits in well with the preparation period for the Abitur. The tutoring portal GoStudent, for example, offers Summer intensive courses for students at. For example, if your students want to learn a new language or improve their English over the summer vacation, you can give them one Offer an intensive course and earn additional money.

So that you have an overview of what you should pay attention to when giving tutoring, we have one Checklist with the most important tips compiled for you.

Find tutoring students

Since the demand is anything but small, you should be able to find one or more tutoring students. A first step could be times ask in your area - Parents often know other parents whose children need tutoring or private lessons. Word of mouth can be the easiest way to find students and get recommended. Therefore, ask your friends and acquaintances if you know someone with whom you give tutoring can and let everyone keep their ears open for you.

Another possibility would be, look on the internet. There you can not only see whether tuition is being sought in your city, but also yourself place an ad for free and offer your knowledge. Don't forget to indicate which subjects you can teach and which qualifications you already have.

This can of course also be done offline instead of online. Many supermarkets have one in the entrance area Bulletin boardthat can be used for searches and offers. There you can check regularly whether someone is looking for a tutor and is able to do so attach a note myselfn on which you offer lessons. The best thing to do is to write about how you can be reached easily: by phone, email or WhatsApp.

Tip: adapt your learning rhythm to your age

The choice of your students can also help you, if possible to give profitable tutoring. On the one hand, the students should also be interested in tutoring and beeing motivatedto improve. This is the only way to achieve results. Besides, you should Adapt the learning rhythm to the age of your students. For that you have to adapt to each learning level can and your students become one long-term learning success help. This also means that you have learning material ready for all ages. Tutoring platforms such as GoStudent support you in this.


Lessons must be well prepared

You should Do not underestimate the job of a tutor: depending on how many students you have, how many subjects you teach per week and how many hours per week you give, you have to prepare a lot. But the better organized you are, the more you can use your time more effectively and make the part-time job as lucrative as possible. So we have a few Tips for optimal preparation to you.

Clarify expectations and priorities

Before you start tutoring, you should first sit down and talk about what the Expectations of the tutoring lessons are. Does your student just want to improve by one grade, or does she or she need a certain grade to keep her average? Is it about not failing or about improving yourself orally or in writing? When that is clear, you know how to act as a teacher or tutor Set focus in your tutoring have to. For example, if your student just wants to get better orally, you don't have to to write an essay to let. But if he is weak in writing, it is a good idea to practice the structure and structure of a text with him, give him tips and let him do some written tasks.

In the best case scenario, your student has one School book that they can lend you before your first meeting or in online class via screen sharing can. If you have discussed beforehand, what the focus should be and what is currently being discussed in class, you can see what is being discussed in school and prepare yourself for it and repeat the topics.

The right organization

If you are teaching multiple subjects, it is wise to teach yourself create a separate folder for each subject - It doesn't matter whether it is virtually on your computer or as a physical folder for your desk. You can use it to collect scans or copies from school books or other aids such as formulas, vocabulary lists or conjugation tables. The more organized you are, the less time you need for them Preparation of the tutoring lessons. In addition, you should record the planned tutoring hours in a calendar that is also accessible to your students. The tutoring portal GoStudent supports you with Organization with an interactive online calendar, in which your students can see at a glance which tutor has capacity for a tutoring lesson and at what time.

Tools for the tutoring lessons

Numerous You can find aids on the Internet: There are already on most topics finished worksheetsthat you just have to print out (and don't forget to save them for next time!). Your student can solve the worksheets without you having to do a lot of work creating them yourself. A quick Google search can help you. For example, if you teach a subject like German, you will find a lot Materials and tips on the website of the Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle - Partly whole prepared topic blocks. So your tutoring has to be not just dry frontal teaching be. You can solve tasks together interactively and apply the knowledge you have learned in practice. As a teacher, you can see directly where the Strengths and weaknesses of your student and what you still need to work on. Also in Online lessons can you Share the working materials via screen sharing and work with interactive elements to make learning more playful for your students.

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Tutoring: You can also do it online

Not only in a face-to-face meeting with your student, but also Online tutoring is possible. You can use video chat to pass on your knowledge to students who, for example, live further away. So you save yourself the journey and can Work very flexibly in terms of time, kind of a Part-time job from home. You can also do online tutoring Make it interactive and varied using screen sharing. So your students not only sit in front of the screen and listen, but can also actively participate in the class and help shape it.

Legal regulations: You have to pay attention to this when giving tutoring

Whether you work as a tutor at Register the tax office depends on how often and to whom you are tutoring. If you few tutoring students that you may even know and only give tutoring from time to time, you do not need to register your activity. Then the tutoring counts as one private aid and is not used to make a living. However, if you give tutoring many hours a week and thus yours, for example Financing your studies, you need this freelance work register and, depending on the annual income, too pay taxes. You can get help on legal regulations and taxes from the tax office responsible for you.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How much money can you ask for tuition as a student?

As a student, the hourly wage for online tuition is 15 to 20 euros appropriate. Are you already in the master’s degree, so you already have one academic degree you can ask for more.

Who can give tutoring?

If you want to give tutoring, you should have at least successfully completed your Abitur. This is how you show your potential students that you are qualified enough. If you still have fun with it, yours Passing on knowledge to others, nothing stands in the way of a part-time job as a tutor.

What do I have to consider when giving tutoring?

If you regularly and several hours a week Tutoring, you have to do this part-time job as a freelance work register with the tax office.

What are the benefits of online lessons at GoStudent?

If you decide to become a tutor at GoStudent, a lot of the work will be done for you. You have to don't worry about finding students, because GoStudent does that for you. Besides, you can Work flexibly in terms of time and locationby teaching exclusively online. GoStudent also offers you one personal support and provides you with one easy to use platform available through which you can organize yourself and your tutoring lessons.


  • Tutoring is one perfect part-time job for studentsbecause you have a relatively high hourly wage of 15 euros and more can ask.
  • Specialize in subjects that you do best and find students in the right age group.
  • We recommend On-line instruction on the Internet. So you can work flexibly in terms of time and location.

Self-test: Are you suitable as a tutor

Not sure yet whether the job as a tutor is something for you? With our self-test you can check whether you meet the basic requirements.