Is Namjin possibly real?


I opened my eyes.
I must have fallen asleep on Jimin's sofa. The clock said 10:00 p.m.
What, so late already?
I peeked around the corner and saw Jimin falling asleep on the chair and burying his head between his arms. Next to him was the open pizza box. Two pieces were gone.

He was definitely dog ​​tired.
If it was true that he only stayed indoors for a long time, then this little walk was possibly incredibly exhausting for him.
I picked him up and carried him to his room.
in my arms he was so thin and fragile. He slept so peacefully ...
I put him on his bed and covered him.
As I stepped out of the room I heard his high-pitched voice.
I turned to him. He had opened his eyes but hadn't moved an inch from the spot.
Jimin pointed to his nightstand.
I went to this one.
"In the bottom drawer."
I opened this. There were a couple of exercise books and pills here.
"Are you in pain?" I asked him, but he shook his head and pointed to a notebook.
"Under there."
I swallowed and put the notebook aside.
A small piece of paper came out.
I pointed to him and Jimin nodded.
With a shaky hand, I took it out of the drawer and turned it over.
My eyes went wide.

"Seokjin gave it to me. One week after the breakup."

"That ... is not ..."

"His address."

I looked Jimin in the eyes gratefully.
He grinned.
"It's okay. I noticed that I can trust you. And if Jungkook apparently does too, you won't do anything bad with Seokjin's address."

I couldn't help but hug Jimin.
"H-hey, please be careful ..!"
I loosened my hug and let go of him after a few seconds.
"I have to go back to the hotel now. Sorry."
Jimin smiled wryly. "It's okay."
I went to the door.
"But I'll come and see you. I promise."
Jimin's eyes widened, but he seemed pleased.
"See you next time, whoever you are," he grinned.
"Kim Namjoon."
"Park Jimin. But you already know that."


It was a strange feeling to leave Jimin alone again. What if something happened to him? Could anyone then even notice and help him?

"Namjoon!" I heard someone call out.
It was Chad who came running towards me from the hotel.

"Where have you been for so long? I thought you just wanted to visit someone?"

"Why do you ask? Did you miss me?"
I grinned.

"I was just wondering," protested Chad.

He pulled a small flower from his pocket.
"Look! She gave me a little girl today when I was distributing the drinks!", He was totally happy.

"You're making progress. I'm proud of you!" I said, slapping his back.
He still told me how his afternoon was going and I listened carefully to him. I peeked over to the campfire, which had gone out.

"Tell me, where is Jungkook?"

"Hm? It ended a good ten minutes ago and went home. Why do you ask?"

"I actually wanted to tell him something else .." I said disappointed and looked up at the street.

"You can certainly do that tomorrow morning. Then he'll be back."

"Chad ?!" I heard someone yell from the hotel.

"Oh, you need me. See you later, Namjoon!" And he whizzed back into the building.
I watched him go and brought the bike back to the others.
I would still be here one night.
And then I would go back home and see Seokjin.
Everything would go smoothly from now on.

Jungkook's POV

It had been dark for a long time. But the darkness didn't scare me. I was used to coming home late by now.

A few restaurants were still open and dim lights fell on the street.
I was heading for a relatively large building, an apartment building in which I lived.
All apartments in it were occupied, I was lucky to get one of the 6.
It started to rain lightly, but I didn't bother to open my umbrella. My apartment was only a few meters away anyway.

In the area of ​​the house where you could shelter, the light flickered.
I went to my mailbox.
After looking for my key in my shoulder bag and finally finding it, I unlocked my compartment.
There were two letters in it, which I immediately took out.
One of them was from my mother. She called in at least once a month.
The other was apparently just advertising.
Again you should donate your money to some kind of project. I really had enough to do with keeping myself afloat--
Suddenly someone yanked my shoulders and pushed me against the mailboxes with a bang.
My heart started racing. The letters were now on the floor and slowly soaking up with water.
"Good evening, Jungkook.", My counterpart grinned at me and a gold tooth flashed at me.

"So you still remember my name. I thought you had completely forgotten about me."
"How could I do that?" I made it clear with one look that he shouldn't understand that positively at all.
He came closer to my face and just looked into my eyes.
"I haven't seen you in a long time, babe. Are you hiding from me or what?"
"I thought I made it clear that it was over. And don't call me babe." I looked away from him.
Couldn't he just leave again?
He brushed a wet strand from my face.
My breath picked up as he started kissing my neck.
I wanted to leave, but he was pressing my wrists against the mailboxes so hard that it hurt.
What now?! What should I do?

"Hello? Is anyone there? I heard the caretaker call from above.
Brandon kissed me on the mouth against my will, grinned at me and disappeared into the rain.
Totally exhausted, I leaned against the mailboxes and looked out at the wet streets.

"Mr. Jeon? Has something happened?", The little man looked at me from the stairs and tugged at his mustache.

"No ... everything is okay."

"Are you sure? I heard a loud bang so ..."

"I fell. But now everything is fine again.", I put on a smile.

The caretaker eyed me in disbelief.
"All right. Good night then."

I nodded to him, but as soon as I was out of sight, my smile disappeared and I looked at my wrists, which now had a red imprint of Brandon's hands.
My heart was still beating.
I went to the entrance and looked around, but it was already over the mountains.