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stern.de: Secret tariff regulation regulates payment for police informers

22.01.2007 – 13:14

Gruner + Jahr, STERN

Hamburg (ots)

Police informers and informers from the criminal milieu are apparently paid according to a precisely defined fee schedule of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), which is classified as "confidential". This is reported by stern.de, the online edition of the Hamburg magazine stern. The list, which stern.de is available, contains the fee rates for uncovered drug deals, uncovered arms deals and uncovered counterfeiting. According to this, the law enforcement authorities pay their "confidants" (V-persons), for example, 1.50 cents for every five ecstasy pills. According to stern.de, 130 euros are shelled out for a kilo of hashish whistled and 1540 euros for a kilo of cocaine or heroin. Anyone who discovers an illegal drug laboratory also receives a special bonus "of up to 1,540 euros". The higher the amount of drug seized, the lower the price per kilo.

According to "stern.de", the 25-page paper that sets the fee rates is entitled "General principles for the payment of informants and informants". It is said to have been "specially developed for planned and target-oriented use". Beyond these tariffs, the paper regulates a large number of sometimes curious procedural questions, such as the informant's duty to report to employment and social welfare offices or his right to advances.

The so-called tariff regulation currently plays a role in a complaint by a former confidant (VP) of the Berlin-Brandenburg customs investigation office. The man wants to force the Federal Republic of Germany to pay 49,500 euros in court - 1,500 euros for each of the 33 kilograms of cocaine that were seized after a sham deal allegedly orchestrated by him. In doing so, he refers to the tariff system.

As stern.de further reports, payments are not only made for betraying drug deals, but also for reporting illegal arms and explosives deals and for securing counterfeit money - for example, a Spy collectors up to 30,000 euros.

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