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Basic breads

Fruits, vegetables and herbs and many spices as well as unsweetened drinks belong mainly on the alkaline menu. Bread and baked goods are mostly taboo. Really? In fact, there are alkaline alternatives that are perfectly compatible with an alkaline diet.

What to bite - but basic!

Sometimes it's good with vegetables and fruit, sometimes you just need something hearty to bite into. All the better that there are also basic types of bread. But be careful with the baker! Some breads are touted as basic when they are not. Spelled, for example, is a very gluten-rich grain and is therefore one of the acidifiers. So pay close attention to what's in the baked goods.

Amaranth, quinoa and millet also serve as wheat substitutes - but they are not one hundred percent basic, but at least have an excess of base. So they are definitely much healthier than the wheat variant. This also includes bread made from ancient grains such as einkorn or emmer.

Gluten-free breads are also a good alternative, but they are not always alkaline either. And gluten-free does not automatically mean healthy either. Sugar, industrial fats or flavorings are often added to gluten-free foods. So caution is advised here too.

Alkaline bread made from germ meal

Conventional cereal flours are therefore not available if it is to be an alkaline bread. The good news, however, is that as soon as the grain germinates it becomes basic, so basic bread can be baked from germinated grain.

However, letting the grain germinate and then using it yourself is quite time-consuming. But you can buy germ meal - that is, grain that has already germinated and then ground. Alternatively, you can buy so-called Essen bread in special bakeries or on the Internet. It consists of sprouted grain and is ideal for your alkaline nutrition plan.

Bake with sprouted cereals

Process the freshly sprouted grain (about 250 g) in the food processor or blender until a thick mass is formed. Then add spices and herbs as well as a little olive oil as desired.

Linseed or sesame also go well with the dough and are also basic. You can add a teaspoon each.

Then shape the dough into balls, then place on baking paper and then press them into round cakes. Alternatively, you can spread the entire dough into a square and then cut it to the desired size.

Danger: Bread made from sprouted grain is not baked, but dried because the high heat would destroy the ingredients. Instead, the dough is dried overnight at 42 degrees in the dehydrator. Your bread will be ready in time for morning!

If that's too much effort for you or you don't want to buy a dehydrator, you can also find your Essen bread in health food stores or in corresponding online shops.


Enjoy your meal

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