Why didn't Quora apply for Y Combinator

Y Combinator gives away 1 million dollars - Viennese founders help with the selection of startups

Fancy lessons from the founders of WhatsApp, Twitch, Slack or Quora? From the end of August, the well-known US accelerator Y Combinator will again invite you to the “Startup School”, a ten-week course that is also streamed on the Internet. There, founders learn, among other things, how to get from the idea to the product, how to build users, manage teams and "invent the future". That alone might not be anything special, but the course is free and there are thousands of places thanks to Stream.

This year, Y Combinator goes one better: the hundred best participants get $ 10,000 for free to further develop their idea and they get an interview with a YC partner, which could be a ticket to the coveted accelerator itself. The deal is not tied to any conditions - YC does not take shares as in the Accelerator and you do not have to use a US Inc. establish.

2,800 out of 13,000 applicants

The course consists of two areas and only one of them is "open to the public". In Mountain View, YC partners, well-known startup founders from the USA, give lectures that are streamed. The exact program will be announced soon. Anyone interested can view this content - just like the materials from previous years. If you actually want to complete the course and then want to hold a certificate in your hands, you have to apply, which is still possible until August 13th. Last year there were 13,000 applicants and 2,800 of them got a course ticket. To participate, you have to have at least one specific project in mind that you want to implement as a startup.

With the Gustav founders through the YC School

The thousands of course participants are looked after online by advisors who ask and answer questions. You are alumni of the normal YC Accelerator and help decide who will get 10,000 euros and an interview at YC. "I will look after around 30 startups, give them tips and guide them through the course with their project," says Jan Jedlinski, who founded the Viennese startup Gustav together with Michael Ströck and Benjamin Bartakovics and made it into the YC Accelerator last year (Trending Topics reported). All three founders will support the startup school as advisors. Jedlinski would like to see some startups from Austria there again - with Taskrookie and Midnightdeal there are at least two. Jedlinski believes that anyone who is interested should contact the Gustav founders, because a recommendation from them could be helpful.