What are some of the best cookbooks

The best cookbooks & favorite cookbooks

Hello, you cookbook-crazy dear people, you collectors and hunters. I am glad that you are here and want to take a look at my favorite cookbooks. For a year now, I have wanted to bring this article online because my readers kept asking me about my cookbook collection and my favorite books.

However, if you own a lot of cookbooks and if you love cookbooks as passionately as I do, then it is incredibly difficult to name your favorite books from the abundance of good cookbooks. That's why it took so long until I was finally able to bring today's post online. I had to really think hard about it, compare it, discard it and then at some point make a decision. Very difficult.

Not only because I have so many cookbooks, but also because of course I also have my favorites among cookbook writers, Jamie Oliver for example. And that I consider Nigel Slater to be a god and that all of his books are awesome is clear anyway. However, I didn't want to list 5 Nigel and 6 Jamie books out of my 15 favorites and give my other books a fair chance. That's why I opted for a Jamie (The Feel-Good Kitchen) and two Slaters (Eat and the Kitchen Diary). Not more.

I will try to keep this list of my favorite cookbooks up to date and will add new cookbooks to it and maybe even remove a cookbook from the list if I have found a thematically similar one that I like even better. That happens.

In addition, I would be very happy if you would join my list! If you have one of the favorite cookbooks listed here, please write me your opinion. Of course, I am also happy about your book suggestions, about recommendations of cookbooks that I should definitely take a look at. If you have been particularly disappointed with a cookbook, I would love to read it too. Short story, long sense: I would like to fill this page with life and talk to other cookbook enthusiasts about our mutual love for cookbooks. That would be nice. 🙂

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