Who are the best Pakistani porn stars

Arab porn stars | Top 10+ hottest Middle Eastern pornstars (2021)

Pornstars need to have a well-toned figure, charming face, and great facial features.

Looking beautiful is just not enough because they have to be at the top of their game, which is what drives men crazy about them.

Middle Eastern women were largely excluded from the porn industry. At least that's what people thought, but the world was stunned when petite model Mia Khalifa entered the porn world and made men drool.

The men then recognized the true beauty of these naturally gifted women, and so today we present you with a list of the 20 best Arab porn stars!

# 12 Jasmine Arabia

As a porn celebrity with a controversial image, Jasmin Arabia has been a crowd puller in the porn industry for many years.

Born in Morocco in 1990, she has been actively involved in the porn industry as an actress, producer and even director in the X films.

She and her husband were found guilty of sexually abusing minors.

Her active career in the porn industry ranged from 2010 to 2014.

She will always be remembered for her overly naughty and perverted avatars throughout her career in porn.

# 11 Dolce Elektra

There is something special about this beauty of Algerian origin, so that one is immediately drawn to its heavenly beauty.

She made a brief stint in the porn industry from 2010 to 2012, but has made a significant impact on the minds of porn fans.

Her busty bum and shapely breasts make both men and women fall in love with her.

She is a star in the adult industry and will keep many people's hearts beating for a long time to come.

Her attractive sex appeal sets her apart from many. And her hourglass figure makes women feel jealous.

# 10 Yasmine Fitzgerald

Her dark and sensual locks of hair, her heart-melting eyes and her heart-rending figure have made her a star in the Arab porn world for a long time.

Jasmine's amazing height of 173 cm brings more gait and charm to her personality. Her inviting lips give you an idea of ​​what you could do with her.

She began working as a porn actress in 2000 and starred in several porn films until 2005.

Her Syrian roots give her a unique look and personality that only a few of her contemporary female colleagues can match.

She has now retired from the active porn industry, but her fans can see her in some of the memorable porn films that she has starred in.

# 9 Jasmine Caro

Do you want to admire the body of a young chick that is the perfect size and figure that can bring both men and women to their knees?

Born in 1989, this bombshell is one of the most breathtaking beauties to be found in the world of porn.

Her busty figure and shapely appearance can make men glow with pleasure.

She has an Arabic tattoo that she proudly flaunts on her right wrist. In doing so, she makes her fans aware of her significant Arab ancestry.

She was also featured in the May 2014 issue of Penthouse, and her dazzling sex appeal and charm sets her apart.

# 8 Anissa Kate

She is one of the most sought-after porn actresses in the world and is best known for her killer looks and shapely figure.

Her exotic looks and sexy facial features take her sex appeal to a whole other level.

Her angelic face gives her all the plus points in the magazines that are specially designed for men.

Her pouting lips and curvy ass are her best features, which she enhances with a killer attitude and skimpy clothes.

She is an Algerian beauty who has made her appearance as one of the most beautiful porn stars in the Arab or Middle Eastern part of the porn world.

Before she appeared in the entertainment industry, she had polished up her skills and expertise in the swinger clubs.

This gave her more exposure to the striptease clubs that eventually made her the bombshell she is today.

# 7 Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is certainly one of the most recognizable faces in the porn industry.

With her little detour into the porn world, she managed to gain a large fan base from both male and female admirers.

Her slim body with oversized breasts and huge shapely buttocks makes her the sex goddess we have always dreamed of.

We just can't take our eyes off her breathtaking features even if you only see her sipping a cup of coffee in her pictures.

Her influence is so great that most people started watching more porn than they heard from her explicitly sexual videos.

# 6 Amy Anderssen

Hot ass, curvy figure, slim and shapely legs, full lips, dark hair and a seductive figure. That's what sets this Lebanese babe apart in the Arabic rubric.

She started her career in 2006 and ended it in 2015. However, she is still known for working as an escort service in Los Angelas.

Her well-trained body and flirty appearance give you goose bumps in the right places. With her voluptuous body, anyone would long for her.

You will find numerous softcore and hardcore videos on her that are enough to set any horny snout on fire.

Her eyes are just captivating, and her large breasts are ready to grab your attention anywhere.

She looks delightfully hot even when wearing a full length dress or part that speaks volumes about this Arab bombshell!

# 5 Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali, a beauty from Pakistan, surprises everyone with her bold looks and sex appeal.

What sets them apart are their perfect features, a face to die for.

Their attractive figure and their divine-looking face make them even more desirable, especially for men of Asian descent.

She can heat up the heat by simply showing off her hot figure.

What can get you going are her cheeky smiles and flirtatious looks, which are enough to end your day happily.

# 4 Jasmine Caro

This extremely fit and body conscious lady is one of the hottest Arab porn stars you will ever find.

Her black hair, her seductive and sharp features and her luscious but well-toned physique have made her one of the most attractive beauties in the Arabian porn world.

Her sensual lips and killer eyes make her an appearance at the top of the world of sexual fantasies.

Everyone would love to snap some kinky pics and hardcore videos of this absolutely sensational and divinely hot Middle Eastern woman.

However, she can also surprise you with her Lebanese charm and good manners.

# 3 Shazia Sahari

Get ready to make your fantasies come true because this porn queen has a magical spell on her face and her sensual, somber body is something your eyes can't get enough of.

Her plump ass and big boobs are enough to keep the heat going, but what makes this porn beauty unique is her ability to knock you over the edge with her seductive moves.

Additionally, she has an eagerness to get into hardcore and almost everything from orgies to interracial sex and loves to experiment with different positions.

# 2 Gabriella Paltrova

She has a sensual face and an equally mesmerizing body. Her perfect lips have that seductive power that makes everyone dream of her.

When she started her porn career in 2011, she was barely of legal age as she was just 20 years old at the time.

Her dark but radiant complexion is equally attractive to men and women.

The moment she started calling herself bisexual, everyone went crazy about her. It is your perfect hourglass figure that sets you apart.

She has a pout you would die for. And her sex appeal can make anyone want to see more of her wacky.

She has also admitted that she enjoys having sex with older men as she believes they are more adventurous compared to young men.

# 1 Alexa Loren

Frequently starring in soft porn, Alexa Loren is known for her curvaceous figure and amazing facial features.

Her huge breasts and her plump yet tight ass are something that makes her both visually and sensually appealing.

She has the right curves in the right places that make men think of her in the most weird way.

She has this perfect figure that makes men fantasize about her in their most perverted fantasies.

Who wouldn't want to spend some hot moments with this love doll?

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