How do I start affiliate marketing

This is how you can earn your first 100 euros with affiliate marketing - 3 simple steps

Readers keep asking me how to start making money in affiliate marketing. They find it very difficult to do this and often only earn cents.

In this article, I'll give you practical tips on how you can earn the first 100 euros with affiliate marketing. You can do it in just 3 steps.

Earn the first 100 euros

Even if it doesn't seem like that at the beginning, it's not that difficult to earn the first 100 euros with affiliate marketing.

There are of course many ways to do this, but especially as a beginner you shouldn't tackle projects that are too big, rather start small.

In this way you get results quickly and if something doesn't work out as hoped, you haven't invested too much time and still gained a lot of important experience.

Three steps to your first affiliate income

What you have to understand as a beginner are the prerequisites for making money on the Internet at all. Certain conditions are necessary, because you can't just open the window of your apartment and sell something to the people on the street.

On the one hand, you rarely reach people who don't really trust you. And you don't have a product to sell yet.

This is why it is important to adhere to the following 3 steps.

  1. A platform where you can reach people
    In affiliate marketing, the so-called reach is very important. The more people you reach with your own information (and thus also the affiliate links), the more you will earn. Because the potential customers have to see their own affiliate links, otherwise they cannot click on them and buy something.

    Which platform you build depends entirely on your preferences. E.g. a YouTube channel, a blog, a Facebook page, a newsletter and so on.

    But before you install the first affiliate links, you first have to set up your own platform and attract visitors. It makes no sense to include affiliate links beforehand, as there are no visitors anyway.

    How many visitors (viewers, subscribers ...) you should have depends on the platform, but it should be four-digit visitor numbers per month to make it worthwhile.

    Therefore, you should first select a topic that interests you and what potential offers in search queries via Google. You can use the Ubersuggest tool to do this, for example, which shows you how often people in Germany search for certain terms in Google per month.

    But the topic should also be lucrative from a financial point of view. So there should be products that solve a problem or satisfy a need.

  2. A suitable partner program / product
    The second step is to find suitable products that the readers / visitors of your platforms would like to buy. This works best with products that are interesting for visitors because they are looking for them or because they solve a problem.

    If you write about weight loss in a blog, for example, then a cookbook with weight loss recipes will of course sell much better than a deep fryer.

    It is also helpful if you have experience with the products yourself, as you can explain and recommend them so much better. You should definitely be convinced of the products yourself, otherwise you won't come across as credible.

    In the beginning you should make sure that the products are neither too expensive nor too cheap. Products that are too expensive are rarely bought and you have to be very convincing. Products that are too cheap hardly earn any commission.

    You can also decide whether you want to advertise physical or digital products as an affiliate. The latter can be e.g. eBooks or online courses, such as those found on Digistore24.

  3. Promote product
    If you have your own platform and a suitable partner program, then you need to promote the affiliate links.

    To do this, you can, for example, write review articles about individual products, incorporate affiliate links into various background articles, publish testimonials, bring the latest product news and so on.

    It is important that you incorporate the affiliate links as often as possible without overdoing it. In a normal article 2-3 times.

    And you should in turn promote this content via social media platforms, newsletters and so on, so that even more people can find out about it and come to your platform.

    Important NOTE: To say it again clearly to beginners. As an affiliate you only advertise the products, you don't sell them yourself. You link to an online shop. If someone then clicks on these links, goes to the shop and buys something there, we get a commission. But we have nothing to do with the actual sale!

Save money on hosting for affiliate websites

The German hoster All-Inkl offers cheap and high-performance hosting tariffs that I use myself for various affiliate websites.

I'm very happy with it and it's great for affiliate websites and blogs.

Beginners in particular benefit from good support.

Start without plugins and API

The Amazon partner program is very suitable for beginners, as there are a lot of people who have an account there and therefore like to shop there. As an affiliate, you don't have to do so much persuasion.

However, many beginners want to get started right away with the Amazon API, which makes it possible to automatically display product boxes, bestseller lists and so on. The AAWP * plug-in is very popular and I also use it.

However, you only get access to the Amazon API after 2 or 3 normal sales (there is different information). Therefore, you should first start with normal affiliate text links that you build into your texts.

That’s enough and they have a big advantage. Affiliate links do not work like advertising and are therefore clicked more often. I also still use text links on my blogs.

You can also automatically integrate affiliate links with the Auto Affiliate Links plugin.

If you have then generated some sales, you can also use the API and e.g. the AAWP plugin.

Don't forget the legal requirements

For beginners, it is also important to note that some legal requirements must be observed when installing affiliate links.

This must be included in the data protection declaration if you use Amazon, for example. Affiliate links must also be marked as advertising.

If you do not pay attention to the legal regulations, there can be expensive warnings.

How many sales do I need for 100 euros?

In order to earn 100 euros, you have to achieve a certain number of sales. A sale is the purchase of a product from a customer who came through your affiliate link.

How many sales you need for 100 euros naturally depends on the price of the products and the commissions.

Example 1: board game blog
I present board games on my board game blog. These usually cost between 20 and 50 euros. With a commission of 6-7% on Amazon for this product category, I get 2-3 euros per sale.

So I need around 35-50 sales for 100 euros in income.

  • Inexpensive products have the advantage that they are bought relatively frequently.
  • This leads to a very high conversion rate (how many visitors actually buy something) on ​​Amazon.
  • Often there are many potential customers for cheap products.

Example 2: Infrared sauna website
On my infrared sauna website, on the other hand, I present significantly more expensive products. With prices between 500 and 1,000 euros and a commission of around 5%, I earn 25 to 50 euros per sale.

So here I need 2-4 sales for 100 euros in revenue.

  • Expensive products have a significantly higher commission per sale.
  • However, the buying threshold is significantly higher here and therefore there are relatively few sales.
  • This is because the conversion rate is lower because the potential buyer hesitates much longer.
  • Generally there are fewer potential customers for expensive products.
  • How many sales you need depends on the products you choose.

    How long will it take to earn 100 euros?

    How long it will take cannot be said in general terms. In this article I have already investigated the question.

    It depends on a great many factors. For example, if you already have a blog with 10,000 readers a month, then you can earn 100 euros with affiliate marketing within a few days, because you just have to include the affiliate links.

    If you start from scratch, it will of course take a while until you have enough readers in the new blog. Only then will you generate income.

    And of course there are different people with different levels of commitment. If you write new articles every day and promote the blog, you will attract visitors and earn money faster than someone who only writes an article once a week.

    So it depends above all on you how quickly you can earn 100 euros with affiliate marketing.

    How are your experiences and how long did it take you?

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