Which procedure corrects severe breast asymmetry?

Corrective surgery for breast asymmetry - Corrective surgery for uneven breasts

From one Breast asymmetry one speaks when both breasts are different or an unequal breast is present. In the most common cases, the breast asymmetry is so minimal that the patient does not notice it. In severe cases, we can adjust your uneven breasts or your asymmetrical breast by means of a surgical procedure.

Many patients try to make their uneven breasts "invisible" through optical tricks. However, this is not always possible. This gives rise to the desire to have a permanent correction carried out.

We can correct asymmetrical breasts using different methods.

What exactly is breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is the uneven development of the female breast. It can be recognized either by a difference in size or shape of the individual breasts or, in rare cases, by the different heights of the breasts. However, it only finally shows up after puberty. This means that an existing breast asymmetry in girls and young women can still grow together up to the age of 21 - however, on the other hand, it can also be more pronounced.

All people have a natural development process and different characteristics. Uneven breasts are classified or perceived as completely normal to a certain degree and extent. In many cases, due to the low optical effects, a certain difference in the breast is rarely perceived as disturbing. However, in more pronounced cases, it can impair personal well-being to a greater or lesser extent.

Different forms and degrees of severity

There are different degrees of severity and degrees of breast asymmetry. If a breast asymmetry can no longer be concealed and the uneven development of the breast can be clearly seen, many patients consider an aesthetic intervention or an aesthetic correction. Only an experienced specialist can define whether it is to be assessed as in need of treatment from a medical point of view. Many individual factors play an important role here.

Depending on the degree of asymmetry, affected women suffer greatly from breasts of different sizes. Often there are emotional side effects such as B. the loss or reduction of self-esteem, feelings of shame and depression. It can also have negative effects on sex life, which can be extremely stressful and can lead to further social consequences.

What is a breast asymmetry and why does it arise?

There are basically different causes for the formation of a breast asymmetry. The most common causes of breast asymmetry in shape and size are:

  • familial or genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Breast cancer (breast cancer)
  • extreme changes in weight

How can the diagnosis be made?

The extent and degree of an asymmetrical or asymmetrical breast can usually be determined relatively easily through an optical assessment. It can also be measured with corresponding accuracy.

How can breast asymmetry be corrected or treated?

There are some ways in which the asymmetry can be made invisible to others - however, a correction itself can only be carried out through an operative intervention. This depends on the exact extent of your asymmetry.

The following types of surgery can be used to correct your breast asymmetry:

Are there before / after pictures of breast asymmetry corrections performed?

The public display of before and after pictures of corrections made is since April 1st, 2006 after Medicines Advertising Act prohibitedif the illustration relates to the detection, elimination or alleviation of pathological complaints or if an operative-plastic-surgical procedure is advertised. Therefore, as part of your preliminary examination, we show you before-and-after pictures of operations that have already been carried out on patients with comparable initial situations. This gives you an impression of the course of treatment and your possible target result.

Are there also ways to make the asymmetry inconspicuous without surgery?

In the case of a less pronounced imbalance of the breasts, the choice of a suitable bra or the right clothing can help to hide the visual effects.

The bra can be adapted to the cup size of the larger breast side and the cup of the smaller breast could be padded with an appropriate silicone cushion. In this way, an optical appearance of a symmetrical breast is achieved. Such bras are often used, for example, by women who have uneven breasts due to a mastectomy (e.g. breast cancer).

Choosing wider and more casual tops made of flowing, airy materials, but also wearing scarves and shawls also helps to hide the visual conspicuousness from the outside.

What is the process up to the corrective operation by a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery?

Before deciding to have an operation, it is necessary to be informed and an extensive preliminary examination. During the preliminary examination, our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery determine your initial situation.

During the consultation and preliminary examination, our plastic surgeons will clarify the following points with you, for example:

  • What are your expectations of your breast surgery and what are your goals?
  • Do you have any previous illnesses?
  • Does the operation currently make sense?
  • Do you take medications on a regular basis?
  • Are there any drug allergies?
  • Are you currently receiving medical treatment or what is your state of health?
  • What is your starting point?
  • What is your initial situation or what are your current breasts (e.g. skin tightening, etc.)?

After these points have been clarified, our experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery will create your individual treatment concept with you to correct your breast asymmetry and explain the different surgical techniques, their possibilities, risks and different healing processes to you.

He shows you which treatment methods are possible for you and their advantages and disadvantages. We will also explain your individual risks and your possible course of treatment in detail.

The most sensible method and the exact scope of your treatment can be determined through the individual conversation and the preliminary examination. You will also get to know possible surgical results using before-and-after images. In addition, we check whether an intervention is also promising for you or whether there are reasons that speak against it being carried out.

Choice of doctor & qualifications and experience of our plastic surgery specialists

The professional qualification and the quality is the basis for a successful correction of your breast asymmetry. Our plastic surgery specialists all meet our minimum requirements and have years of experience.

Choosing a doctor for cosmetic surgery - what should you consider?

Who bears the costs for the correction of a breast asymmetry or pays the health insurance?

In most cases, a breast asymmetry is a purely aesthetic problem. Therefore, the cost of correcting a breast asymmetry must in most cases be borne by the patient herself. Health insurance companies cover the costs of medically necessary interventions, which is rarely the case with breast asymmetry.

If the size difference is more than a third, the health insurance company may be able to cover the costs of the correction.

Can I finance the cost of my operation or pay in installments?

If you have the right creditworthiness and regular income, we can offer you installment payments or financing on favorable terms.

Financing & payment in installments

Advice & information about a correction operation for your breast asymmetry

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