What are some dental health tips


Prophylaxis is an investment in healthy teeth!

With the help of special instruments, all soft and hard plaque on all accessible tooth and root surfaces are gently removed. In particular, areas that are difficult to access, such as the spaces between the teeth and the places that you cannot reach during daily home dental care, are thoroughly cleaned.
This is followed by polishing and sealing of the clean tooth surfaces with fluoride varnish.
Regular removal of the plaque creates ideal conditions for effectively preventing the two main diseases of caries and periodontitis and thus also reducing the risk of some general diseases. The teeth can be whitened by removing dark tea, coffee or smoker coverings, a positive cosmetic effect.

In the case of denture wearers, the dentures should also be cleaned in addition to the remaining teeth. Patients with partial dentures can use the PZR to improve the service life of the remaining teeth and of the dentures adapted to them, as this is the only way to create optimal hygienic conditions.
In patients with periodontal disease, the PZR should have its permanent place in the pretreatment and aftercare. In this way, the result achieved through periodontal treatment can be stabilized in the long term.
PZR is even useful for those who practice very good oral hygiene, because there are always niches that cannot be optimally reached and cleaned.
Prophylaxis helps to ensure treatment results that have been achieved and to keep healthy teeth healthy in the long term.


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