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Android Android: Apps crash - that helps!


The apps crash again as soon as they are opened. Many users of Android smartphones with different apps currently have this problem. According to the developer Google, a system application is responsible for this: Android System WebView. This article will teach you how to fix this error.

This is behind the app crashes

On Monday, March 22, 2021, various apps crashed on Android devices around the world. Not only apps from Android provider Google were affected, but also applications from other providers. Google already provided a solution on Tuesday morning: updates for the two apps Android System WebView and Google Chrome. The reason for the latter is that the Android System WebView software is based on the Chrome browser. It enables other applications to display content from the web. The updates are intended to solve the common crash problems.

Here's how to fix the problem on your Android device

To fix the crash problem on your Android device, you should simply install the latest version of the Android System WebView software in the Google Play Store. To do this, open the Google Play Store and go on top of her profile pic. In the menu, tap "My apps and games". Look under the tab"Updates"in the list after the app"Android System WebView". There, the information about the update says, among other things," Bug fixes "- behind this is the solution for the app crashes. Now tap on" on the app "To update"to install the update.

The current version of Android System WebView published on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 has the number 89.0.4389.105. If you have set "Automatic app updates" in the Play Store, this update has probably already been installed automatically. If you use the Google Chrome browser in Android, you should update this too.

Note: Another possibility to solve this problem is also circulating on the net. You should simply remove the last, apparently faulty update of the System WebView app. However, you risk making the app more susceptible to hack attacks. So use the official update provided by Google.