Who were Enoch's parents?

The god father of pre-astronautics

Erich von Däniken published his book “Memories of the Future” 50 years ago. His thesis that the earth was visited by aliens in the past still has numerous fans around the world.

Text: Ulrich Drees | Photo: wiki commons

Herr von Däniken, after having dealt with pre-astronautics for half a century after the publication of your book “Memories of the Future”, that is, the question of whether extraterrestrials influenced human development in prehistory and in ancient times, you will learn there still at that?
Time and again, new information is added from all over the world, new ruins are discovered that raise new questions, and previously unknown books from old libraries appear. Since “Memories of the Future” I have written forty other books that have appeared in thirty languages ​​and around 76 million copies worldwide. I keep writing bravely as long as my brain and voice are still working.
Are there actually subdivisions in pre-astronautics or is everything connected?
There are already individual subject areas in Egypt. There, new rooms are discovered in the great pyramid almost every year. Except in small notes in the newspaper, the public does not find out about it. In my lectures I show the new rooms. I have the pictures that were taken by robots. On the other hand, there are international things, like the Book of Enoch, that are not country-specific now. Enoch was an Old Testament prophet and the first person who, according to the Bible, left the earth in a fiery chariot before the Flood. Now a book has appeared in an Abyssinian monastery library in which the man personally describes what he has experienced.
Could you say when aliens first visited Earth or when they were last there?
That would have to be around 300,000 BC. Have been. But I don't know whether this was the first visit either. We don't yet know where they came from and with what technology. They were there and picked out a few people to talk to and even teach their language to. In addition, they gave them astronomical knowledge and calendar dates and then sent them back to the other people to pass on what they learned. Before the aliens left, they promised to come back in a distant future. This promise of return is part of all cultures of the past, and to this day all religions expect the return of their respective savior.
That means, there was a kind of boost in the development of mankind, and the second phase would then, so to speak, be the return of the aliens?
Yes, they will show up again. There are reasons to believe that we are being watched right now. In my lecture I will show a few examples of UFO films that cannot be faked because they were recorded by fighter pilots during their deployment. You can see all flight data such as the altitude of the aircraft, distance to the target object, date, geographical position, etc. - then you can see things that raise question marks.
Are there different alien cultures or just one?
I would say it was just a culture in the past. I have no idea how it is in the present. Personally, I've never seen a UFO.
Your work often includes mythology and religious studies, but your explanatory approach is based on technology. Are the aliens above all technically superior to us, or do they also have supernatural or divine powers?
In my opinion, aliens were there thousands of years ago. Our ancestors back then were Stone Age people and understood nothing at all. Therefore, they mistakenly believed that these aliens were gods. Unlike our ancestors, we all know that there are no gods. Instead of showing themselves in front of large crowds, the aliens only picked out individual people, instructed them and did not interfere much. They didn't seem to want to shock humanity. I believe that it is the same today, and that they do not show themselves out of consideration, because they know very well how humanity would react. Her appearance would be a disaster right now, but maybe not in ten to twenty years.
People have wars on earth all the time. We wage wars for religious, geographical and racial reasons. But as soon as we had contact with aliens, we humans would understand that we all belong to the intelligent species on this little blue ball. Nobody can come and say: only I as a Catholic or only I as a Muslim, only I as a black or white person is right. We are one humanity, one species, and knowing this would help us avoid tension and war.
If you say “ten to twenty years” it would be in the near future. Do you think that developments are currently coming to a head that could lead to a return of the aliens?
The zeitgeist is changing. When I started talking about my theories fifty years ago, the scientific community by and large opposed it. What kind of nonsense he was saying, they said. Firstly, there would be no extraterrestrials, secondly, if that were the case, the distance between the stars would be too great for contact between us to ever be possible. Claims that the aliens are human-like would be nonsense anyway: evolution on other planets would be very different. That was fifty years ago. Science now knows how to bridge the light years. Today, according to NASA, there are at least four and a half billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. Of course there can be aliens that look like flying elephants or tentacles, but there are also human-like ones. What I am saying now does not come from me, but from the Swedish Nobel Prize winner Svante Arrhenius. He started a theory called panspermia. It says that some intelligent species evolved and was interested in expanding its own way of life. It then decided to infect a sector of the Milky Way with its own building blocks of life - in our case DNA would be - and to send trillions of these into the universe. The ETH Zurich University of Applied Sciences carried out experiments with DNS in extreme heat and cold as well as at normal temperatures, which survived this well. Those who do such an experiment know that most of the building blocks of life would burn up in some sun or end up on completely inhospitable planets like Jupiter or Mercury. Only a fraction will be attracted to planets similar to those that started the game. But evolution begins on this planet. The necessary information came from outside. This is exactly what the holy books say: that the gods made man in their own image. The arguments against this doctrine of panspermia have now dissolved and the zeitgeist has changed. Suddenly it would be conceivable.
If you say the zeitgeist is changing, does that mean the aliens might now see it as a suitable opportunity to return? Are you already there, because you also say that information about aliens is being suppressed?
I am reasonably knowledgeable about this story. In 1963, the American intelligence service of the CIA issued an order to all agencies of the world, which read as follows: All individuals who deal with UFOs are to be exposed to ridicule; UFOs mustn't exist. Journalists and scientists, however, are sensible and matter-of-fact people, none of whom want to make a fool of themselves. That's why they don't take up the hot topic of UFOs and aliens. It's not about conspiracy, and it's not about oppression either. Nobody wants to be ridiculous. The subject is too explosive.
There is a statement on the Internet that you assume that aliens had sexual intercourse with great apes in order to advance the development of cavemen?
That is true and it is not true. This thesis was not invented by me, it comes from the Bible. Or take the Book of Enoch. In this he speaks of the so-called guardians of the sky, by which he means the aliens. He says they came down to earth and had sex with beautiful human daughters, and that made giants. I have referred to these stories, but never claimed that our evolutionary history is so easy to explain.
Many other people also deal with UFOs and extraterrestrials, how do you assess this?
In the UFO scene there is a great deal of ignorance and a great deal of self-righteousness. At night you see the beam of some discotheque reflected in the clouds in the sky, and it is a UFO. But UFO means “Unknown Flying Object”, so it doesn't have to have anything to do with extraterrestrials. Three quarters of Ufoli literature is so dubious that it can be thrown away. But there are also astrophysicists in Germany, like Illobrand von Ludwiger, who have written very factual books on this subject, but because they are so scientific, only the experts deal with them.
Have you ever been mistaken in identifying clues about aliens?
It happened again and again. When I was 19, I was in Egypt on an island in the Nile. My guide explained to me that the island was named Elephantine because it was shaped like an elephant from the air. I promptly mentioned this in my book “Memories of the Future”. That was nonsense, as I discovered two years later, because the island doesn't look like an elephant at all. Its name comes from the fact that elephants used to graze on it. Or in Delhi, India, there is an old temple that has, among other things, a metal column. I was told that this column had been there for centuries without rusting, after which I speculated whether it could be an alien alloy. Meanwhile the bitch is rusting. Something like that happens again and again.
But if you pick up a scientific book that is forty years old, you can forget some of it today, and of course that is the case with me too. But nothing has changed in my basic thesis that we were visited by aliens. On the contrary, this thesis has been fired more and more and has found better and better arguments.
Where do you mention this pillar: Have you ever discovered proven relics of extraterrestrial origin?
No, although I wished it would. That would be a dream. Some technical device to introduce and prove to the scientific community: This thing is off earth. But that hasn't happened to this day. But I know things like that from literature. For example, there is the ark of the covenant from the Bible. It was not an earthly vessel. Her remains are now in the ground under the Lady Chapel in the Ethiopian city of Aksum. The head of the local Coptic Church said in an interview four years ago that he knew the Ark of the Covenant and could testify that it was not made by human hands. There is a millennia-old book on this subject in Ethiopia, the Book of Kings (see margin). It is said in it that the inside of the ark is not made by human hands. So maybe there actually are extraterrestrial objects somewhere, but we haven't been able to study them until today.
Are you in contact with other researchers around the world?
Definitely. You meet at international congresses, but you usually see the same faces. They are really venerable, great men. For example, the American astronaut Edgar Dean "Ed" Mitchell, who was the sixth person to be on the moon, who told me that he was officially informed that there are extraterrestrials. I asked if he saw a UFO while visiting the moon. He didn't. But two hours before its start, the American astronomer Prof. Dr. Carl Sagan to him and the other astronauts and said: If you see something that you immediately understand that it is not earthly technology, then you must never speak of UFOs, extraterrestrials etc. in radio communications with the earth, but have to use code words .
Do you know any of these code words?
Yeah, I know that from Ed Mitchell: Grandma. I was still laughing then.

On March 31 at 5 p.m. Erich von Däniken can be seen in the Northeim town hall. The bestselling author presents a fireworks display of his evidence for the visit of ETs in India or for the fact that a biblical prophet encountered the aliens.