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Captain America 4: We Know That About The New Marvel Movie

The new Marvel series The Falcon And The Winter Soldier deals intensively with the handover of the Captain America title from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson. A new movie was announced just hours after it became clear who would be the new Captain America. We know that so far.

Disney + has set itself the task of not only expanding the MCU with various Marvel series, but also explaining the decisions made by characters from the films. It has been clear for some time that Sam Wilson aka The Falcon will be the new Captain America after Steve Rogers is too old for the title. However, the handover should not be made simple and painless. In "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier" we don't see Sam Wilson directly as Captain America and even when he gets the chance, he hesitates. Ultimately, Sam decides to do it and the foundation for future Marvel films is laid.

Fittingly, just a few hours after the last episode of the series, it was reported that "Captain America 4" was in the works. We don't know much about the plot yet, only that Sam Wilson aka Captain America will be the focus. The film will be screenplayed by Malcom Spellman, showrunner on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series, and Dalan Musson, screenwriter for the series. A director or cast members have not yet been announced.

We don't know anything about the plot either, but it is very likely that Sam Wilson will have to avert a great threat to all of humanity again, after all, with "Avengers: Endgame" it was presented properly. When we can expect the new film is still unknown. But it will certainly take a few more years.

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