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Modern family

The Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning sitcom accompanies Jay Pritchett and his blended family in Los Angeles as they battle the perils of everyday life.
Starring: Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen
Creators: Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan
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This crowd favorite was among others. Awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for five years in a row.

Jay has grown children, grandchildren, and a young wife with a son of their own. Your everyday life is bridging generations, cultures and social differences.

Luke wants to prove to Phil that he has enough sense of responsibility for a new bike. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron visit the toddler group with Lily.

Phil accompanies Jay on his first flight with his new model airplane. However, one maneuver fails. Meanwhile, Claire has a sibling conversation with Manny.

Surprise: Claire and Mitchell's mother suddenly appears at the door. She wants to apologize for her behavior at the wedding. Does Gloria understand?

The family is invited to a barbecue at Jay and Gloria's. However, an incident between Manny and Luke at school complicates matters.

The first day of school after the holidays. Claire can finally enjoy the peace and quiet in the Dunphy house again - if it weren't for Phil, who took time off today.

Manny has a new hobby: fencing. The whole family is thrilled. Only Jay's enthusiastic pride opens old wounds in Mitchell.

After Claire has always been wrong with her presents, this time she wants to surprise Phil with something special: a show by her favorite musician.

Phil and Claire organize for Luke the best birthday party a boy could wish for - if it weren't for Cameron as Fizbo the clown.

Phil and Claire threaten the children that Christmas will be canceled if they don't behave. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron are looking forward to Lily's first photo with Santa.

Gloria doesn't like Jay's reaction to Manny's biological father's sudden visit. Phil has to go to the hospital with kidney stones.

When Claire finds indecent pictures on the computer, she suspects Luke. Phil therefore sees no reason to inform her about her mistake ...

Mitchell convinces Jay that his old buddy Shorty is secretly gay. Gloria teaches Manny's date a lesson in femininity.

An old friend of Claire's is visiting. However, it is very different from what Claire remembers. Meanwhile, Jay has an unpleasant experience in the locker room.

Phil and Claire want to make Valentine's Day more exotic this time - with an RPG. Jay and Gloria's ideas of romance are not entirely compatible.

Are the ladies out of the house: While Claire takes Haley to the driving school, Phil and Luke go on a treasure hunt under the house.

Phil invites his ex-girlfriend from high school to visit, but it ends in disaster. Jay accidentally kills Manny's turtle.

Jay and Mitchell's annual father-son outing is coming up. To Mitchell's surprise, Manny also joins them for stargazing.

A hip new product is also slated to hit the market on Phil's birthday. He does everything to be one of the first happy owners.

Luke and Manny's hot-headed basketball coach quits in the middle of a game. Jay and Phil are immediately enthusiastic about the job.

Claire is amazed when Phil's father suddenly appears at the door. There seems to be more to it than a regular family visit.

Gloria gives Jay a romantic getaway to Hawaii for her birthday. However, there is one catch: she invited the entire family.

When Jay finally arrives, he just wants to relax. However, old memories lead to a change of plan. Phil wants to make Claire's vacation extra romantic.

Claire wants to have a family photo taken, but no one seems to want to be immortalized on it. Meanwhile, Gloria, Manny, Phil and Alex attend a Lakers game.

Claire can finally persuade Phil to sell the old station wagon - but only after everyone has reveled in old memories.

In memory of her grandmother, Gloria wants to cook more traditional dishes again. Claire now becomes overprotective when she learns Alex is in love.

Earthquake: Claire is locked in the bathroom with the plumber. Meanwhile, Manny gets an existential crisis with Jay while playing golf.

Claire and Mitchell reach an agreement: each helps the other better half not to embarrass themselves in public.

Everyone is constantly busy with their mobile devices. Claire and Phil challenge the family to a competition to see who can go the longest without a computer and cell phone.

As a Halloween fan, Claire wants to make the house especially scary for the little beggars. The reluctantly involved family members are not very enthusiastic about it.

Claire is sick and has to look after the house. While she's enjoying the time, Phil fights windmills because a smoke alarm just won't stop beeping.

On the occasion of Manny's birthday, the family meets in a restaurant. However, the birthday child himself has his or her problems with getting older.

Cameron loves his mother more than anything. Accordingly, it is difficult for Mitchell to admit that he feels uncomfortable with her. Meanwhile, Haley breaks up with Dylan.

The first school dance for Luke and Manny. Jay and Phil show the boys how to be a man. Claire and Gloria are now helping with the decorations at school.

The new speed limit is permanently ignored by a car. Claire wants to show the speeder its limits. Jay teaches Manny to ride a bike.

Despite a lot of buffeting, Alex remains second in class and blames it on the genetic make-up. Of course, this raises doubts in Claire and Phil. Mitch meets his former girlfriend.

Chaos in the Dunphy house: the children catch Phil and Claire red-handed. Jay and Gloria's outing is about to fall through because of a brutally honest email.

Valentine's Day is overshadowed by the advances of a third party. But who are these actually for: Cameron or Mitchell?

The guest list for Lily's birthday causes quarrels: Mitchell invites his mother out, much to Claire's horror, and Fizbo out, much to Cameron's disappointment.

Phil and Claire had a row. Gloria tries to give Phil advice and Jay turns to Claire.

Jay's morbid idea of ​​buying a partner grave in a noble cemetery pisses Gloria angry. Meanwhile, Cameron decides to write a children's book.

A symphony concert with Gloria and Manny. Jay does everything to spare himself that, and ends up in the middle of Mitchell and Cameron's "man's night".

Cameron makes full use of his role as a substitute for the music teacher and, without further ado, completely redesigns the planned musical - to the chagrin of the performers.

In the event that something could happen to them, Mitchell and Cameron want to name other legal guardians - and secretly observe the family.

Claire and Gloria want to spend Mother's Day hiking with the children. But their constant bickering soon drives Claire crazy.

Phil and Claire swap parenting roles: Claire becomes a funny playmate and Phil becomes a rule-mad man. A real shock for the kids.

Before she goes to Alex’s graduation, the whole family gathers at Jay’s home. However, he is primarily busy hiding a botox accident.

In their efforts to organize a special birthday surprise for Jay, Claire and Mitch are locked in their childhood home.

The family spends their holidays in the country: cattle drive, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding ... What should go wrong?

Mitchell and Cameron plan an evening out with the family. You want to announce the happy news of adopting a second child.

Gloria feels neglected by Jay, who pays Stella more attention than her. Meanwhile, Phil and Luke try their hand at rope acrobatics.

Jay wants to help Manny sell wrapping paper. Meanwhile, Claire files a petition for a stop sign and Mitchell wants to clarify his point.

Claire is extremely annoyed about the current city council, which is running for a second term - but it is not easy to get her down.

To help Haley make her choice, Phil goes to his old college with her. Meanwhile, Claire urges Mitchell and Cameron to party with her.

Gloria gives Jay one last chance to rekindle their relationship: he should go salsa with her. For Cameron, a bet has an unexpected outcome.

A neighbor's house burned down. The family then mobilizes the neighborhood to donate in kind. But the well-intentioned relief effort has its side effects.

A former neighbor boy comes to visit the city. He's now an internet billionaire. Phil ponders how he could have designed his life differently.

On a sunny December day, the family was shocked to find that they had to celebrate Christmas today: everyone went on the trail for last-minute errands.

Phil missed his doctor's call regarding his test results. For him that means only one thing: time to say goodbye.

In a school project, Luke and Manny are supposed to protect an egg from falling from the second floor. For Claire and Jay it degenerates into a competition.

The family supports Claire in preparing for the election debate with Duane Bailey for the city council - more bad than right ...

Phil really tries everything to attract a new customer. But he doesn't seem to notice that this Claire is extremely inappropriate.

As a thank you for selling a house to friends of Mitch and Cam, Phil and Claire invite them over for a drink - which ends in exuberant sisterly love.

While Mitchell is ruining Jay's proudest golf moment and Phil accidentally hears shocking stories about his little girl, Gloria discovers Claire's dangerous secret.

Cameron's birthday is coming up - February 29th. Mitchell is therefore under extreme pressure to make the day as perfect as possible.

At his clown teacher's funeral, Cam meets his former partner, clown Lewis. Phil fights by all means to land a major contract.

The whole family spits on their hands again on election day to support Claire. Mitchell and Cameron drive, among other things, the Claire-Mobil.

Claire gently tries to teach Luke that his friend Walt, a neighbor, has passed away. Phil now hopes to deepen his relationship with Alex.

Phil goes to buy a car with the neighbor. Jay prepares for a class reunion. Lily's favorite plush toy is lost on a train ride.

Disneyland: the dream of every family outing. Side effects: dizziness, sore feet and a stubborn toddler.

Trouble is bound to happen: Jay and Gloria get on each other's nerves, Phil has to fire Mitchell and Cam and Claire have different views on raising children.

Mitchell and Cameron's arduous odyssey for a second child is finally over. While Gloria is supposed to help as an interpreter, Manny and Jay take care of Lily.

Jay makes it clear that he doesn't want to make his birthday a big deal. But of course the family misses the target again.

Phil and Claire take Haley to college and make it worse by embarrassing her. Manny forces Jay and Gloria to take a baby class.

Phil and Claire are planning a vacation and want to enjoy life when Luke goes to college. To make sure everything goes according to plan, Phil undergoes a vasectomy.

Luke wants to stop doing magic and Phil can't accept that. Gloria's newest pregnancy symptom is snoring, which robs everyone of sleep.

The neighbors don't share Claire's enthusiasm for Halloween. That is why this year she is being forced to hold back and decorate in a “child-friendly” manner.

Jay and Gloria hold a flea market to help Manny and Luke with their school's charity drive. The whole family takes part.

Phil and Claire receive news that Haley has been arrested for underage drinking. They take family attorney Mitchell to the police station.

Claire drives Manny and Luke to Alex's academic decathlon for the weekend. Phil tries to organize a men’s evening at home.

A little reluctantly, Mitch tries to help Cam save an old tree in the park. Jay and Manny attend a birthday party with children's Olympics.

Manny's and Luke's baseball team surprisingly reaches the play-off. Claire and Cameron now have to prepare the dilapidated field as quickly as possible.

Jay wants to celebrate New Year's Eve with the whole family in Palm Springs. But the hotel is far from excellent.

With the baby coming soon, Jay and Gloria want to throw a particularly great surprise party for Manny's 14th birthday.

Gloria's mother and sister came from Colombia. They have traditions, baby names and lots of family problems with them.

Cameron directs the school production of "The Phantom of the Opera". When the main character falls ill, Manny pulls out all the stops to get the role.

A funny affair between Phil's and Claire's alter egos Clive Bixby and Juliana takes a surprising turn and Claire ends up in the hospital.

Claire flies to her college gathering alone and meets a professor she once had something with. When Phil shows up, things get uncomfortable.

Mitch and Cam's best friend Sal pays them one of their infamous surprise visits. But this time she has big news: she's getting married tomorrow.

Claire and Cam are redesigning the house. When they get stuck, a "neutral" person is needed.

Phil takes Claire to the hospital. There they meet a family that looks like a future version of them. They don't really like what they see.

Phil is sure he can sell Claire and Cam's renovated house. But the matter is more difficult than he thinks. Javier comes to visit with his new girlfriend.

Phil can't wait to share the joys of real estate trading with Luke and Manny's classmates on Careers Day. Then his nemesis shows up.

Mitch's ex invites the family to a charity event on a roller skating rink. Manny and Luke have to choose someone for a "My Hero" essay.

Phil is buying a brand new RV and is looking forward to a great family vacation. Manny has misplaced his backpack and Jay and Gloria help him find it.