People are still buying music posters

Activist on adbusting: "People are irritated"

Adbusters change or fake outdoor advertising. But how do you do it? A small purchase in the hardware store brings more than criminal ingenuity.

Outdoor advertising for outdoor advertising: This is Irae on the other hand Photo: Private

The artist group “Dies Irae”, critical of capitalism, is doing adbusting. That means: it alienates and changes advertising banners and posters, for example turns “Coca-Cola Life” into the lettering “Coca-Cola Lie” or exchanges advertising for its own motifs. Paul G. (name changed) from Berlin spends about 20 hours a week on it.

taz: Mr. G., if you tamper with advertising space in public even though you are not allowed to do so, you have to appear very authentic. How do you do that?

Paul G .: I wear a safety vest or overalls like a worker. Sometimes not, because nobody in Berlin is interested in any other person. A few people look, but don't understand that something has changed there. Seldom does anyone even want to help. It is really easy.

What's your tool?

A socket wrench from the hardware store. This means that you can open 40 to 50 percent of the poster showcases in Berlin if you work on it, a little more. To do this, we work with paints, markers and pens, and sometimes we also print motifs ourselves. You've been busy with a poster for a day.

Where do they hang then?

We have already posted posters in front of the Bundestag a few times, against arms exports and the tobacco lobby. There are police officers everywhere, but they don't have such actions on their radar.

Have you ever had problems?

In 2016 we posted posters against H&M in twelve cities. It was about exploitation in global supply chains. H&M has sued, claiming that it was defamation and defamation.

And then?

We posted posters in front of the corporate headquarters and the fancy law firm to demonstrate that we would not be intimidated. The Hamburg public prosecutor then said in February 2018 that they could not identify any criminal offense.

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However, you were really a little concerned about an action in the small Saxon town of Freital.

If you do anti-racist things in a city like Freital and don't speak a dialect, you worry about getting into the wrong people. Having dialect is the part of the cultural code that we couldn't use in that case. But everything went well.

Do you move something?

I believe that something changes with every piece of information or confrontation. You can see in people's faces that they are irritated for a moment. They talk about the posters. In Erfurt, before Björn Höcke gave a speech, we put up posters on Domplatz and had espresso from a café. They thought it was good. That was totally absurd in this tense situation.