How people decide on the length of the free trial

Support for the creative community

For almost a year now, the pandemic triggered by COVID-19 has been severely affecting the lives of all people around the world. This also applies to the creative community. Last year we made our test versions available to all interested parties for 90 days free of charge to the community. We were overwhelmed and deeply touched by the reactions.

When the offer expired it looked like things were getting better and we were all hoping it would continue. Unfortunately, it is now clear that the pandemic will continue to affect our lives considerably. From today we are again offering 90-day free trial versions for the Mac and Windows versions of our apps so that everyone can use our software. Even if you used the trial version last year, you can simply download a new version this year. We also give a 50% discount to everyone who would prefer to buy and keep our apps. This offer also extends to the iPad versions. All digital content in the Affinity Store is also available at half price.

At Serif, our thoughts remain with everyone who is suffering from this serious crisis. We wish you all the best and good health.

2020 initiatives

100 days. 100 commissioned works.

The pandemic has had serious consequences for many members of the creative community. All over the world orders - both future and already started work - have been canceled. In April 2020 we therefore decided to spend our annual budget on contract work within 3 months and to license 100 works by freelancers.

Affinity Creative Sessions

Last year we released a series of free videos featuring leading artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, and other experts to inspire the creative community. These videos were so well received that we decided to continue the creative sessions. You can find all the videos on our YouTube channel and of course you can also subscribe to the channel so that we can let you know when the next premiere is coming up.