What are the business courses after 12th.

Business language courses for work and further education

The world changes, a little more every day. Anyone who wants to survive in business must be able to react flexibly. This is especially true for international markets - and these are just a click away in the age of the Internet. Regardless of whether you work for a global player or a small, medium-sized company - you can only be successful if you speak the languages ​​of the market: Employees with international experience and qualified foreign language skills in English, Spanish or French are irreplaceable.

cosmolingua's business courses abroad sharpen this potential

In the following languages ​​you will find detailed information about the target countries as well as the courses that Cosmolingua offers you.

Who are Cosmolingua business courses for?

Whether business English for engineers or business French for retailers: Cosmolingua business courses offer professionals and companies various course arrangements in the world languages ​​of English, Spanish and French. These naturally include subject-related language courses, mini-groups with homogeneous performance, crash courses and individual lessons - depending on prior knowledge and learning objective. In small, internationally attended study groups, the participants in our business courses learn to understand foreign languages ​​as business languages.

Our business courses around the world are specifically designed for business and industrial language use. Incidentally, the fees for the business courses count as business expenses or can be tax-deductible as measures for further training.

Information on business courses

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