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I'll dig in for a moment when it's convenient

I once had the PAP IIID result - a precursor to PAP IVa.

If this is the first smear with this finding, there is no way I would panic. That's what I did back then - after I googled a lot. Then I lay crying in my friend's arms. Often with PAP IIID you are also "threatened" with a scraping. And I was 22, not yet children - risk of cervical cancer. That was a really bad week for me.

Then I went to the gynecologist and he was so deeply relaxed that he could convince me not to panic. Because basically PAP IIID or PAP IVa only says first of all that cell changes have been detected. That can happen. The body is not a clockwork, sometimes something changes - without being able to explain exactly why.

Especially if you got the PAP IVa diagnosis for the first time, I would definitely not panic if I were you. In a pinch and to calm down, it is better to stand on the mat at the gynecologist. In my case, for example, after the one time PAP IIID never came up again this finding. Sometimes something goes wrong in the body - only to calm down as if by itself. That is normal.

Don't make the same mistake as I did to paint the final stage of a treatment or other horror scenarios directly from a single result.

And so the PAP IVa finding should remain: This is not yet a tumor.
And so there should be a scraping: This is not sterilization.
And if you are still very unsure or feel fear about the findings (which is totally normal), then run the gynecologist's doors down. But there is one thing I can tell you: If your gynecologist makes a more relaxed and relaxed impression on the topic, then try to accept it for you, because horror stories are read quite often on the Internet, but just as often remain the exception.

I hope you don't feel like I'm making your problem small, I just wanted to calm you down a bit.

Many greetings,