Why is the Boeing 777 so popular

"We stand by our Boeing 777X orders"

Everywhere you look, things are not going well for the American aircraft manufacturer. Boeing 737 Max can temporarily not be delivered again due to an electrical problem, Boeing 787s must be examined for damaged panels in the hold. And with the 777X, the manufacturer currently classifies 92 of the 320 orders as unsafe.

Most recently there were reports that Cathay Pacific was planning to reduce its order from 21 to just 10 to 15 Boeing 777Xs. Lufthansa had also backed down in 2019: the German airline made 20 firm orders plus 14 options out of the originally announced 34 orders.

"The right aircraft, especially now that it comes later"

Lufthansa has now given the all-clear: Boeing can count the order for 20 Boeing 777-9s - the larger version of the 777X - among the secure orders. "We stand by our 777-9X orders," says Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr in response to a question from aeroTELEGRAPH.

The fact that the 777X is not due to be delivered until the end of 2023 is no longer a disadvantage due to the Corona crisis - on the contrary. “We think it's the right aircraft for us, especially now that it's coming later,” says the Lufthansa boss. "We will tend to need our smaller intercontinental aircraft in the next few years." The 777X is negotiating with Boeing about the delivery schedule from 2023.

Negotiating more small long-haul jets

With a view to smaller long-haul pilots, Spohr says that these are "partly in the inflow", but negotiations are also being made about "getting additional ones". The CEO had already announced in February that Lufthansa was holding talks with both Airbus and Boeing about additional smaller long-haul aircraft.

When asked whether it was about converting orders or even about new orders, Spohr said at the time, that depends entirely on the conditions. If the airline does not reduce its 777X order, the following options remain: Lufthansa orders or leases additional Boeing 787s beyond the 20 already ordered. Or, in addition to the open orders for 26 Airbus A350-900s, the airline is either placing another A350-900 or an A330 Neo or A321 XLR - as an order, conversion or leasing.