How is Synchrony developed


The saddle has a unisex tree that improves horse and rider performance. It is revolutionary and structurally innovative, equipped with CPS technology or “COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM”, a new geometry of injected membranes of different load capacities to dampen all loads and movements. This technology was developed to protect the ischial bones, tailbone and back. The middle membrane, which is more elastic than the two on the side, is visible on the underside of the saddle through the plexiglass window. The front pommel is wider and the top of the tree is a little further back than with conventional saddles, so that you can saddle further forward without blocking the horse's shoulders. Thanks to these peculiarities, we free the withers and the trapezius muscles more so that the horse can move freely in the three gaits and during the jump. The position of the rider is low and the waist is tight so that he feels very close to the horse. The rear part of the seat is wide and, thanks to the new membranes, extremely comfortable: The saddle has short and anatomically shaped cushions with a large contact surface and thus better pressure distribution.

technical features

Colors: Black / Tobacco Brown, CognacLondon (only in Elite)

Piping color: For possible customization, please contact your Prestige dealer.

Color of the seams: for possible customization, please contact your Prestige dealer


Size: 16.5 ", 17.5", 18.5 "

Depth: deep

Width: 28.5 cm

Chamber width: From 29 to 37

Pre-cut of the saddle flaps: standard, +2 cm, +4 cm, +6 cm

Length of the saddle flaps: XS, S, Sandard, L, XL, XXL

Saddle flaps: double flap

Cushions: Padded with X-Tech

Leather: Elite calf leather, luxury grained super leather

Weight: 5.7 kg

Pommels: small / medium

Care recommendations

In order to enjoy the beauty of our saddles in the long term, start with small details that, if you pay attention to them regularly, keep the beauty and naturalness of the leather unchanged.

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