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At the age of 11, Reginald Kenneth Dwight (Taron Egerton) is considered a musical genius. But some, sometimes bitter, years will pass before the breakthrough under the pseudonym Elton John. In the biography of director Dexter Fletcher, the life dates of Sir Elton John are blurred with his songs - a musical biopic, as unconventional, colorful and unique as the legendary musician himself.

"Rocketman" stream

Director Dexter Fletcher has already been called to the set of the Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” in order to steer the production in the right direction. The Elton John musical film gives Fletcher the chance to follow his own creative vision from the ground up. The film, which will be released in theaters in 2019, aims to achieve nothing less than to break the conventions of biopic.

As a reward there was an Oscar for an original song, written by Elton John personally, as well as two Golden Globes, among other things for the performance of Taron Egerton as best leading actor in a comedy or musical. Egerton was the first and only choice of the dazzling musician who met on the set for Kingsman: The Golden Circle two years earlier. Egerton sang the songs in the biopic himself, while he was heard personally in the song "I'm Gonna Love Me Again" in a duet with Elton John.

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