How old can I play tennis up to now

Tennis, a suitable children's sport?

When Sabine Lisicki made it to the final of the legendary Wimbledon Championships in 2013, tennis once again attracted more public interest. And that is good for the sport, because many regional associations plague concerns about young talent. Tennis is a nice sport for children - albeit not a cheap one.

What is tennis about?

Tennis is so called Punch sport. The aim is to hit the tennis ball with the racket into the opponent's field in such a way that the opponent can no longer properly play it back. The ball may be accepted directly in the air or touch the ground once before it is returned.
Tennis can be played either one-on-one (singles) or two-on-two (doubles). The players or teams face each other in two playing fields, which are separated from each other by a waist-high net.
Points and winning sets are counted. As a rule, three sets are played, that is, the game is over and the winner is determined as soon as a player (team) has won two sets.

From what age can children play tennis?

As with almost every sport, the same applies to tennis: the earlier you start the sport, the easier it is to learn it. Kindergarten children fromfive to six years can be practiced in a playful way in Bambini courses. The aim is to teach children at this young age that they can enjoy sport and have a basic feel for the ball. For this, child-friendly small rackets and soft balls are used.
Proper courses are usually for Children from seven years offered.

What does my child get from playing tennis?

Apart from the fact that tennis is the Musculature strengthens and the endurance trained - that is, getting fit all round - regular tennis also improves you motor skills Of your child. It becomes more and more flexible and gets a better body feeling. In tennis, the Ability to concentrate and react trained.
Since tennis is not a team sport but an individual sport, your child also learns that he is responsible for his or her successes and defeats. An important lesson in tennis is also to always go to your limits and beyond, to put away point losses and defeats quickly and to attack again and again. The ambition that your child develops in tennis will also benefit him outside of the sport.

What does tennis cost?

Many parents shy away from the cost of the supposedly expensive hobby of tennis. We'll tell you what costs to expect, give tips on how to keep them low, and reveal them. what tennis lessons could look like

What does tennis training look like?

The first priority in children's tennis lessons is teaching Coordination (not only) in handling the racket and ball. Throwing and catching exercises, for example, as well as dribbling or “egg-running” with a bat and ball are used for this purpose. But also force, endurance, speed and agility are trained. Then later, a greater focus is placed on technique training. This means that striking techniques are learned, practiced and refined.

In many clubs, children can do that "Children's tennis sports badge" make, which was developed by the German Tennis Association (DTB) to give tennis-loving children a sense of achievement at an early age and to further increase their motivation to play tennis.
It is important that the training of qualified tennis teachers who have training or further education in the field of sports pedagogy and movement theory. You will train the children in an age-appropriate and varied way so that the fun of the sport is not lost. In addition, professionally trained trainers make sure from the start that your child does not put too much stress on their body when playing tennis. In this way, you prevent injuries and any undesirable developments caused by excessive strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

If possible, visit with your child before registering for the tennis course Trial training. This is how you can find out whether your child can do something with the sport or whether he or she does not enjoy playing with rackets and balls at all.

What does tennis cost?

Tennis has the reputation of the "rich sport". But is tennis really that expensive? At least as far as the equipment is concerned, it is worth comparing prices in the sports shops to save some money.

Your child needs for example two pairs of tennis shoes, once for outside and once for the hall. Ordinary tennis shoes can cost between 30 and 50 euros. Special tennis clothing is usually not required; it is often enough at first simple sports things in short and long. Tennis racket for children are priced between 20 and 80 euros. Before purchasing, it is best to ask the trainer directly whether he / she can recommend certain brands and properties. Perhaps there is also the possibility of borrowing a club or buying a used one directly from the sports club.
To transport clubs, shoes and clothing, it is worth buying one Tennis backpacks. Keep an eye out for older models in the sports shop or on the Internet, which are usually a little cheaper than the latest bags.
The biggest costs are caused by Tennis lessons per se. As a rule, you pay for the lesson per training hour, which can last between 45 and 60 minutes and takes place once or twice a week. You have to reckon with around 15 to 40 euros per training unit, including any extra costs such as space / hall rental, etc. Depending on the price of the individual lesson and the frequency of the training, costs can vary between 60 and 320 eurosper month Approaching you for tennis lessons.