Why do women pay child support?

Child benefit: entitlement, amount, duration

In Germany, the basic care of children is to be ensured. There is child benefit for this. Here you will find the most important information about this service.

Requirements for child benefit

You are entitled to child benefit if

  • Her childunder 18 yearsis (under certain conditions you can also apply for and receive child benefit for children of legal age),
  • Your childsupply regularly and it in your household lives (this also applies to stepchildren, grandchildren or foster children) and
  • your place of residence is in Germany, another EU country, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland. You can find out more on the page Child benefit for people from abroad.

Payment of child benefit

Child benefit always receives only one person, usually a parent. If there are several children, the individual amounts are shown as a sum paid off.

When the child benefit is transferred to your account depends on your child benefit number. The exact date can be found on the page Child benefit 2021: Payment dates.

Good to know: Under certain conditions, child benefit can be paid directly to the child upon request.

Amount of child benefit

As a rule, you will receive at least one for each child 219 euros Child benefit per month.

Do you have several children, their number determines the total amount of child benefit you will receive. This also applies if one of the children does not live with you: From the third child you are entitled to more child benefit - even if their siblings live with the other parent.

Child benefit since January 1, 2021

  • 1st child: 219 euros
  • 2nd child: 219 euros
  • 3rd child: 225 euros
  • from the 4th child: 250 euros

Basically: You are only entitled to child benefit for children who meet the requirements.

Apply for child benefit from birth

If your child meets the requirements, you can submit the child benefit application directly online.

Apply for child benefit from birth

Answers to frequently asked questions about child benefit

If one of your children does not live in your household, you are not entitled to child benefit for this child. It has siblingsfor which you can claim the benefit, it is called the “counting child”. The reason: If the child benefit is calculated for his siblings, it will be counted with it. This means: If you state one or more counted children when applying, you may receive more child benefit than if you do not name them.

Example: Ms. Müller has a child from a previous relationship. Your former partner receives the child benefit for this child. Ms. Müller has 2 children with her new husband. Although Ms. Müller does not receive any child benefit for her first child, she states it when applying for the other 2 children. This means that they count as the second and third child. The child benefit for the two children (EUR 219 + EUR 225) is higher as a result.

You could give a counting child, but not your partner? Then you should apply for child benefit. This way you can be sure to receive the highest possible amount.

You can also apply for child benefit retrospectively.

Please note: The deadline for retrospective payment of child benefit is 6 months. Apply for child benefit in good time and avoid financial disadvantages.

If your personal circumstances change, this can affect your entitlement. For example, you may receive less child benefit. Too much money received, a so-called Overpayment, you have to repay.

In such a case, you will receive one Notice of cancellation and reimbursement notice.

If you have received too much child benefit, you have to pay it back through the collection service of the Federal Employment Agency. You can find out more on the page Debt Collection Service: How to react correctly.

Important: Don't just transfer the money back! Please wait for our letter in which we ask you to repay.

The family benefits office regularly checks whether the requirements for the payments are still met. You will receive a questionnaire for this.

This is used to determine, for example, whether

  • You are still in Germany,
  • Your child continues to live in your household or
  • Your child is still in school or vocational training.

If a certificate is required, a corresponding form is usually enclosed with the letter from the family benefits office.

Please fill out the questionnaire carefully and enclose the necessary documents.

Please reply to the Family Benefits Office within the specified period. If you need more time, please let us know. This ensures that payments are not interrupted.

Further information can be found in the information sheet on child benefit.

As soon as we have received your application, we will check whether your documents Completely are. If any information or evidence is missing, we will call you or write to you. It may also be that we need further information from you, third parties or authorities.

Have you after 6 weeks You can telephone to inquire about the status of the processing. Please contact us via our service telephone number:

0800 4 555530 (toll free)

Don't worry: If the processing takes longer, it will not change the amount of your child benefit payment.

Sometimes it happens that

  • an application is rejected,
  • You're getting less money than you thought, right?
  • It is unclear to you what exactly the content of the notification means.

Please contact us in these cases. We can certainly clarify your questions in a conversation.

File an objection or objection to a decision

At the end of a child benefit notification, you will be informed of your rights (information on legal remedies). You have the opportunity to appeal or object to the decision within one month. Please send your objection or objection to the sender of the notification. You can also come to your family fund on site. We will then review the decision again.

File a lawsuit against a decision

If your objection or objection has been rejected and, you can bring an action. You will find more information on this in the information on legal remedies - for example, which court is responsible for your lawsuit.

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