How do you know your bike?

Which e-bike is right for me? Do the test!

ebikemarcel2020-02-04 at 10:55 pm

Hello Ulrike, in the legal area one would say: “It depends”. At this point I could explain why high-quality bicycles cost more for good reasons. But you probably want to know "what is a reasonable relationship". I would say that you can get an entry-level e-bike for around 1000 euros at discounters like Aldi, Lidl and Co, which has a fair price point. However, you shouldn't expect the components to last as long as they would on more expensive bikes. For example, at discounters, batteries with a lower capacity are occasionally installed in order to achieve this low price. If you want to enjoy your bike for a long time, you should spend a little more money (if you have the means). I would say that you can get a “reasonable” e-bike from 2,000 euros. Of course, more is always possible. It could also be worthwhile to look out for previous year's models. For example, the Kalkhoff Endeavor Move is a good entry-level model as a women's bike. We have already done a test for this: Alternatively, a good used one that was a premium e-bike 2-3 years ago could also be an option. A used vehicle shouldn't be any older, because technology is still making great leaps and bounds.