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INTJ: MBTI® Personality profile

INTJ strengths

INTJ people are often able to define a compelling, long-term vision and develop innovative solutions for complex problems.

Potential areas of development for INTJ types

When INTJ types concentrate on the task at hand, they can appear cool and distant at times. They do not always know how to recognize and appreciate the contributions of others.

Typical characteristics of the INTJ type

INTJ people are typically strategic and conceptual as well as innovative, independent and logical. They can also be demanding, but also thoughtful.

The most common character traits of INTJ types are presented here in the form of a fun type that you can download and share.

INTJ professions and ideas for career choice

INTJ types appreciate intellectual challenge and working in goal- and performance-oriented environments. They prefer to work with people with a high level of expertise. The preferred occupations of INTJ types include jobs in industry or technology such as construction, IT or law.


INTJ guy head

The typical characteristics of the INTJ type are also shown in this type header, which you can download and share *.

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INTJ relationships

It is not always easy for INTJ people to have conversation. Often they are seen as closed and reserved. Nor do they always give enough praise or create the closeness that others want.