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Was Fëanor really such a bad elf? [closed]

Fëanor wasn't bad, but he might have been wrong. There is a distinct difference between evil and sin.

Sin in the Christian faith is presented as man's natural desires, desires, and dreams. The pride a father feels when he lies on his back and someone offers him a helping hand that he refuses is considered a sin in his faith.

Evil, on the other hand, is clearly seen as the opposite of God's works.

Fëanor's actions were a direct result of his feelings. Love for his father, jealousy of his brothers, anger at Melkor / Morgoth's betrayal. These are sins that can be repented of in the Christian faith.

We have seen in other questions and answers that Tolkien appears to have a Catholic influence. So it wouldn't be surprising if he presented his characters' actions on a scale from good to evil based on that belief.

There is one more factor that needs to be considered. Relativity / point of view. A Teleri Elf would find Fëanor incredibly angry for stealing their lives! Whereas a Noldor elf would see Fëanor doing what is necessary for the good of his immediate relatives.

TL: DR Not angry / bad, just unethically confirmed and emotionally unstable. He was taken to the halls of Mandos until the final battle, so it appears that even the Valar saw this in Fëanor and allowed him to.

Matt Gutting

I am not at all sure whether your description of sin in particular adequately reflects the Catholic doctrine that Tolkien would have received. Where did you get that?