Who is the most loyal Death Eater

Who are the three missing Death Eaters? [Duplicate]


Karkaroff would the cowardlytraitor of Death Eater be as he many Death eater gave up to escape Azkaban (also a kind of betrayal), but not only that he ran away as soon as the dark mark burned.

Crouch Jr. would the Be faithful when he returned and found his Master, when none of the other Death Eaters did. (except Pettigrew)

Snape would be Traitor who when he switched sides and even hid from Azkaban and is now hiding from Voldemort (by not showing up in the cemetery). According to GoF, when Snape returned to Voldemort, he declared his spying on Voldemort and gave him information as evidence. (Information given by Dumbledore). The ultimate token of his loyalty was when he revealed the date and time of Harry Potter's move. (Also given information)

At least that is my interpretation of the events that would precede the classifications of the missing Death Eaters. I can understand that either Karkaroff or Snape can be cowardly or treasonous . The classifications have little meaning, which means that Snape can redeem himself for valuable information.

Edit: After reviewing both the quote and @ alexwlchan's excellent response, I have to leave Karkaroff as a coward, Snape as forever, and correct Crouch Jr as the most loyal servant.

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Definitely your edited version. When Karkaroff was captured, he showed that he would do anything to save his own skin like a coward. Snape is a lot of bad things, but I think even Voldemort would agree that no coward will play a double agent between the two most powerful wizards of the time.


Your last sentence is an absolutely brilliant point. @ Kevin