Are you good at fixing things

Translation of "fix things" in English

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Cooking and that Fix things?
Fix things, in exchange for board and lodging.
You said you could Fix things.
In terms of craftsmanship, she can therefore Fix things and make it work.
In the mechanical arts, he can therefore repair things and make them work.
We have to reactivate old skills, grow our own food, Fix things, Making clothes, etc.
I think a lot of re-skilling is necessary, so we learn to grow our own food and repair things and make our own clothes and so on.
I'm learning ... better Spanish ... and I can Fix things.
I'm learning ... more Spanish ... and I can fix things.
Because they Fix things.
In it, Eastwood plays a Virgo- and Capricorn-stressed, cuddled misanthropist who only comes to life when he is Fix things, so can put things in order, but suffers from the rampant loss of values ​​and decency in his world.
Eastwood plays a morose misanthropist with strongly emphasized Virgo and Capricorn features, who only comes alive when he can fix things, but suffers from the rampant loss of values ​​and decency in his world.
Yes, yes, yes, I learned the old art of reverse glass painting, I can Fix thingsI've never seen or done before.
My past flashed before me, out of my control Yes, Yes, Yes, I learned the Ancient Art form of Reverse Painting on Glass, I can fix things that I have never seen before or done.
I'm only supposed to be a couple here Fix things.
I can do most of them Fix things, Boy.
You will be able to create new materials, faster and smaller computers, better and more efficient running devices, and other consumer products ... nanomachines will do these too Fix things can.
One becomes new materials, faster and smaller computers, improves and can produce efficient current devices and other consumer products ... nanomachines will be able to repair so these things.
He can kill Fix things.
A few Fix things and renovate.
A little repair and renovation.
Application: Shaping, gluing, sealing, insulating, cushioning: Sugru could be the all-round super putty for people who prefer Fix things and improve instead of throwing them away.
Application: Molding, gluing, sealing, insulating, padding: Sugru can serve as the all-round super-putty for all those who would rather repair or improve a product than just throw it away.
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