What is YouTube TV

YouTube TV: This is what YouTube's television offerings offer

YouTube TV available in the US since 2017
Photo: teltarif.de Last year, YouTube established a new streaming service in the USA. The company also wants to offer interested users traditional television via the Internet. If you are a German YouTube user in the United States, you will automatically be offered YouTube TV, as the offer is called, as long as the Internet access is established with an American IP address.

YouTube TV available in the US since 2017
Photo: teltarif.de This gives you an insight into the offer that can be booked in the USA at a monthly price of 35 dollars (around 29 euros). However, YouTube TV is not yet widely available in the United States either. On a website, the provider reveals the regions in which the service is currently available. Once booked, the content intended for your own account can then be used anywhere in the USA.

As a rule, the region in which you are currently located is automatically recognized based on the IP address. However, you can also choose a different location, whereby YouTube indicates during the registration process that it is possible that the process can only be completed when the customer is online again via the home Internet connection.

One week free trial

YouTube TV can be tested for free for one week
Photo: teltarif.de YouTube TV can be tested free of charge for one week. Only then will the monthly price of $ 35 be calculated. The subscription can be canceled at any time. The basic package for Las Vegas customers includes 55 TV channels. These include programs from Fox, NBC and CBS, but also international TV stations such as the BBC.

In Las Vegas, 55 programs are included in the basic package
Photo: teltarif.de In addition to the basic package, four additional options are available. Shudder costs $ 5 a month extra, Sundance Now has an extra $ 7 fee. Showtime can be booked for an additional $ 11 monthly fee and those interested in Fox Soccer Plus pay an additional $ 15 per month.

YouTube TV can be used via the Internet browser on the PC or Mac, via apps for Android and iOS or with Chromecast and AirPlay. The service is also available for smart TVs and game consoles. It is not known whether and when IPTV will also be available in Germany - with an adapted program offering.

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