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Write the reason for the early departure on the cover letter

What I am wondering is, what do I write in my cover letter, why do I drop out of this job after a short while?

I recently applied for a job and submitted the cover letter saying that I was looking for a more challenging and dynamic position, but I'm not sure if this is right or should I mention why I'm leaving.

You should not include your reasons for leaving your current job on your resume / résumé or cover letter.

These are a means of showing off your credentials and the positive reasons why you would be perfect in this new job, rather than discussing why your current job is not working.

Be ready to answer the question, "Why are you leaving your current job after such a short time?" To be answered as this will almost certainly come up during an interview. Try not to beat up the company (hiring managers don't hear about corporate violations). Instead, focus on the fact that the job wasn't what you were hoping for.

@WesleyLong has this great suggestion: "I was hired to do the programming, but over time it became clear that the role they needed was operations, not development, and I realized that I was not doing well in the long run would fit." For the position. "As you can see - no bashing, just confirmation that the fit wasn't right.

And also be ready to convey why you are certain that your next job will be a preserver in the long run.

Prepare for your job search and interviews by thinking about your current company. Was there anything you could have done to understand the real situation before accepting the offer? Were there any questions you could have asked? Was there anyone else you could have spoken to during the interview process who would have given you a better insight? (I always try to speak to my future boss, at least one future colleague, and all the people who would work for me whenever possible.)

Try to apply what you have learned to your next interviews. You don't want to end up in another bad job. Having some very short jobs in your career is something you probably want to avoid if possible.

Wesley Long

Right on the money again, Joe. Suggested pronunciation for answer when / when asked, "I was hired to code, but over time it became clear that the role they needed was operations, not development, and it became clear to me that it wouldn't take me long. " -term fit for the position. "


Wow Joe what you said was absolutely brilliant! I like it!


I would also like to thank Wesley for another brilliant response.

Jim Meyer

Joe is dead, especially on this last paragraph. What do you wish you'd asked in your interviews, what helped you know that this wasn't the job you thought it would be? Ask that from now on.